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An effective thinker has got to have a way of intuitively creating sense of the issues tackling their everyday reality, as well as associate awareness of the attainable solutions that would lead them down the trail of unrestrained chance. what is more they need to have the simplest way of effectively filtering out any create mentally biases that will sway their intuitive feelings and opinions.

Within this section we will discuss every of the characteristics and attributes that offer birth to the Red Thinking Hat. we will dig into the roles, goals and objectives of a red hat thinker, closing with a collection of queries which will assist you to assume additional intuitively concerning your lifestyle issues and circumstances.


The nonliteral role of the red hat is that the Heart.

A heart may be a terribly intuitive organ that senses delicate changes in feeling and feeling once circumstances gift themselves.

In exactly constant means a red hat brings forward its intuitive feelings and emotions to assist guide and supply direction to attainable solutions and opportunities.

Let’s take a glance at a number of the red hat’s key roles in a very very little additional detail:

Symbolic Roles

The primary role of the red hat is to showing emotion and intuitively gift effective solutions and direction for additional action, supported its personal feelings and hunches.

Roles should Avoid

Throughout the thinking method the red hat should in the least prices avoid rationalizing or making an attempt to justify its feelings concerning the solutions it\'s transportation to mind.


Throughout the matter finding method, the red hat includes a set of predefined objectives that it seeks to accomplish each directly and indirectly. The indirect objectives should be known by the opposite thinking hats via the red hat’s delicate unconscious tendencies.

By with success attaining these goals, it\'s higher ready to synchronize it’s habitual thought patterns with the opposite thinking hats, thereby resulting in a additional economical and effective method of thinking that brings to lightweight a bigger array of solutions and opportunities.

Let’s take a glance at every of those objectives in a very very little additional detail:

Seeks Intuitive Proposals

The red hat’s primary objectives are to intuitively wake mind proposals and plans of action supported its personal feelings and hunches.

Our feelings ar terribly fascinating and somewhat mysterious chemical processes that stimulate mental activity at intervals the brain. after they ar pure and off from personal emotions and biases, they will lead U.S. in surprising directions towards solutions we have a tendency to logically ne\'er thought of were attainable.

Seeks different People’s Feelings

The red hat is incredibly broad-minded and seeks to spot and clarify different people’s feelings — relating intuitively to the matter at hand. They totally perceive that once somebody is totally off from the matter, that they are seemingly to wake mind concepts and suggestions that will usually cloud their everyday judgment and awareness.

Seeks Emotional Point-of-View

The red hat usually seeks associate emotional understanding of the matter, and so brings to mind solutions supported their personal unconscious emotional tendencies.

It’s important for the opposite thinking hats to acknowledge this, because it unveils sure personal biases, hidden emotions, and reactions that will effectively sabotage the matter finding method.

Unveils Hidden Strengths of concepts

Sometimes concepts and potential solutions to your issues could appear weak and somewhat impractical initially. However, if the red hat intuitively brings to mind an idea of action that it feels should be followed, this naturally attracts the opposite hat’s attention and energy in a very new direction that would doubtless hold hidden strengths and opportunities not evident on the surface.

By giving this new plan its due attention, you\'re currently increasing prospects that you just might ne\'er have thought of before.

Unveils Hidden Weaknesses

The red hat’s intuitive feelings can also unveil hidden weaknesses in concepts, in people, and in yourself.

For example, if the red hat intuitively supports associate unpopular  answer, then this effectively raises a red flag, and forces the opposite hats to assume otherwise concerning the potential concepts ordered out on the table.

All this brings to question that perhaps some solutions aren’t as clearcut as they seem? or even higher contingency plans got to be set in place?

Another necessary purpose to contemplate is that the red hat’s intuitive feelings might actually wake mind personal weaknesses in terms of skills and data that you just may have to develop at intervals yourself so as to upset this downside additional effectively.

For instance, if the red hat’s feelings ar inform aloof from a well-liked answer, then this might fine indicate that you just don’t have enough resources, otherwise you merely lack some kind of understanding to completely create this answer work for you.

Unveils Hidden Internal Conflicts

The red hat is as human as all the opposite thinking hats. Its natural tendencies and selections might thus indirectly reveal delicate internal conflicts that boil up at intervals its psyche. These conflicts will have an effect on the red hat’s hunches and will primarily cause biased feedback that will sabotage the matter finding method.

It is of the primary importance that the blue hat spots these tendencies and sets on a course of effective questioning techniques which will facilitate the opposite hats bring these conflicts to the surface.

Questions to raise Yourself

Here may be a list of queries which will assist you assume additional effectively concerning your lifestyle issues and circumstances from a red hat’s perspective.

Keep in mind that this list of queries is simply a place to begin which will facilitate guide you within the right direction. extra queries that you just formulate by yourself ought to take under consideration every of the roles and objectives that ar crucial to the mental attitude of a red hat thinker.

What is my gut telling Maine concerning this solution?

What is my feelings telling me concerning the selection I'm on the point of make?

Supported my feelings, is there a more robust thanks to move this?

Intuitively, is that this the proper answer to the present problem?

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