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An effective thinker has got to have a method of realistically analyzing issues and conveyance to light-weight optimistic ideas which will build momentum towards effective solutions and answers. what is more they have to facilitate strengthen the spirit and resolve of the body and mind to persist despite the myriad of obstacles standing in its method.

Within this section we are going to discuss every of the characteristics and attributes that offer birth to the Yellow Thinking Hat. we are going to withdraw into the role, goal and objective of an yellow hat thinker, final with a collection of queries which will assist you to suppose additional optimistically regarding your lifestyle issues and circumstances.


The metaphoric role of the yellow hat is that the Sun.

A sun is bright, happy and powerful, serving to to instill life into everything it touches.

In exactly a similar method a yellow hat brings forth a positive, hospitable and energy that breathes life into each plan.

The yellow hat seeks positive edges through a logical implies that enhances motivation and opens the doors to new opportunities and understandings.

Let’s take a glance at a number of the yellow hat’s key roles in an exceedingly very little additional detail:

Symbolic Roles

The primary roles of the yellow hat is to realistically and optimistically move through the myriad of obstacles that substitute the method of reaching an efficient answer.

The yellow hat see no boundaries or limitations and wholeheartedly believes that if there\'s a method, then they\'re going to realize the way — creating the not possible, possible.

Roles should Avoid

Throughout the thinking method the yellow hat should the least bit prices avoid demoralised thoughts, and conveyance to mind hopeful solutions supported theoretic facts, feelings and opinions.


Throughout the matter resolution method, the yellow hat encompasses a set of predefined objectives that it seeks to accomplish.

With success attaining these goals, it\'s higher ready to synchronize it’s habitual thought patterns with the opposite thinking hats, thereby resulting in a additional economical and effective method of thinking that brings to light-weight a larger array of solutions and opportunities.

Let’s take a glance at every of those objectives in an exceedingly very little additional detail:

Seeks Curious edges

The yellow hat may be a curious creature UN agency seeks edges over everything else.

It sees a retardant and brings to mind effective contingency plans and solutions which will assist you overcome the challenges you face within the handiest and economical method.
Seeks Probable Solutions that result in chance

The yellow hat’s primary objective is to look for solutions which will result in a larger array of opportunities to assist you overcome your issues additional effectively.

It wholeheartedly understands that at intervals each drawback there\'s constant seed of chance that\'s waiting to be discovered. And it\'s from this angle that it moves forward with optimism and revived energy.

Seeks Positive Risk Assessment

The yellow hat logically understands that there square measure risks related to each action that\'s aimed toward an answer to your drawback. It so realistically analyzes the risks related to these actions and attracts up an efficient arrange which will the counteract, minimize and eliminate these risks altogether.

Seeks practicability of ideas

Other primary objective of a yellow hat is to assess the practicability of ideas supported the resources (skills, knowledge, time and support) you have got obtainable at anyone moment in time.

It takes these resources into thought and formulates ideas and an idea of action which will build best use of what you have got, whereas minimizing the result of what you\'re lacking at intervals your arsenal.

Strengthen Spirit, Motivation and Resolve

The last objective of the yellow hat is to instill a way of positive expectation which will move you thru the obstacles and challenges you face with larger resolve, spirit, motivation and persistence, that square measure all important parts to your semipermanent success in any field of endeavor.

Questions to raise Yourself

Here may be a list of queries which will assist you suppose additional effectively regarding your lifestyle issues and circumstances from a yellow hat’s perspective.

Keep in mind that this list of queries is merely a start line which will facilitate guide you within the right direction. further queries that you simply formulate by yourself ought to take under consideration every of the roles and objectives that square measure important to the outlook of a yellow hat thinker.

However am i able to best approach this problem?

However am i able to logically and realistically build this work?

What positive outcomes may result from this action?

What square measure the semipermanent edges of this action?

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