Question: 01
What is one advantage to using a purchased email list?

a.   The firm selling them often makes up fake email addresss
b.   Large quantity of email addresses and markets otherwise not reached
c.   The bounce rate is very low
d.   It is targeted at your potential customers

Question: 02
What is the purpose of having a special landing page for a PPC ad?

a.   It costs less if done that way
b.   It gives the potential to have mixed messages on the site
c.   Statistics can be gathered on the page, as well as special offers can be shown to the ad clicker
d.   Customers expect it

Question: 03
How can a company profit from a podcast directly?

a.   Pay another company to host it
b.   Charge for premium content
c.   Set up an affiliate link
d.   All podcasts are free, they can not be directly profitable

Question: 04
What is meant by "viral marketing"?

a.   Creating ads that users pay to watch
b.   Creating ad campaigns which are expensive and well produced
c.   Creating ad campaigns with a very narrow focus
d.   Creating ad campaigns which are inexpensive, gain massive popularity and become widely distributed

Question: 05
What is a trackback?

a.   Same as a trademark
b.   A method of notification that somebody links to document/html
c.   When someone goes to your site because of your podcast
d.   A count of how many downloads your podcast has

Question: 06
How important is content on a site when optimizing it?

a.   Not important at all, does not factor in
b.   Mildly important to keep customers happy
c.   It is the only thing which creates a higher ranking in search engines
d.   Very important, new content especially

Question: 07
What is an auto-responder?

a.   A person who replies to all emails for the company
b.   An automatic email message sent to someone who takes an action such as submitting a form on a company website
c.   A method of direction communication with clients
d.   An email relay system

Question: 08
How much would a company pay for the given example: Ad displays 20 times, 2 users click the ad, cost per click is 5 cents?

a.   90 cents
b.   10 cents
c.   20 cents
d.   1 cent

Question: 09
What is the purpose of a traditional press release?

a.   It acts as a direct marketing sales tool
b.   It can be mailed out to potential clients
c.   It announces company information to a widely dispersed group of people
d.   It target markets to internet users

Question: 10
What is a double opt in process?

a.   Someone must email the firm twice to get on a list
b.   Someone must ask to be on your email list, and then verify by clicking a link they want to be on it
c.   Someone must email the firm twice to get off an email list
d.   Someone has to send an email confirming an online purchase

Question: 11
What is meant by "white hat"?

a.   When marketers show up for work wearing white hats
b.   Dishonest techniques for gaining higher rankings
c.   Ethical and honest methods of increasing page rankings
d.   Software used to increase rankings

Question: 12
What is A/B testing?

a.   Testing 2 products to see which is safer
b.   Using 2 versions of an ad, measuring results to see which one is more effective
c.   Testing 2 products to see which one sells more
d.   Using 2 versions of an ad to see which one has less bounce rate

Question: 13
Why is it important to fine tune the timing of the ad and keywords used?

a.   It costs less in later hours
b.   To be sure to spend more money on marketing
c.   Required by law
d.   To carefully target the customer base desired, not wasting impressions and clicks

Question: 14
Why is the subject line of any email campaign important?

a.   It gives the person an opportunity to delete the email before reading it
b.   It is all the receiver sees besides the email address until they open the email
c.   It lets the receiver know they are about to be sold something

Question: 15
How is the "open rate" important?

a.   It tells the company how many people clicked on the links in the email
b.   It lets the company know how many people bought a product
c.   It is the number of people who received the email
d.   It is the number of people who actually opened the email sent to them, giving the company insight into how effective the email marketing campaign was

Question: 16
How do firms typically budget once positive results are seen from their internet marketing campaign?

a.   Decrease the overall budget
b.   Spend more on the methods which are not producing results
c.   Increase the budget and focus on those activities which are working
d.   Stop marketing

Question: 17
What is meant by "web 2.0"?

a.   The resurgence of internet companies with more interactive focus, such as blogging and social networking
b.   Any website which has survived the bust
c.   Sites made using new technology
d.   Internet companies who focus on retail sales

Question: 18
What is an "impression"?

a.   When a person buys a product from a site
b.   When your ad is displayed on a page online, not necessarily clicked on
c.   When an ad is clicked on
d.   When an ad makes an impression on a client

Question: 19
How are Pay Per Click ad campaigns billed?

a.   Everytime an ad is displayed it costs the company money
b.   Set monthly fee regardless of impressions or clicks
c.   Discounted based on length of commitment
d.   The customer pays each time their ad is clicked on, usually billed monthly

Question: 20
How can chat rooms bolster site traffic?

a.   The competition can come to the chat and try to steal customers
b.   It gives the company a way to distance themselves from customers
c.   By having people talk positively about your company and by answering questions people may have in a non threatening, anonymous method
d.   It gives a way for customers to log complaints

Question: 21
What is "cost per action"?

a.   Same as pay per click
b.   A payment agreement where a specific action creates a payable event for the affiliate, such as a click, a purchase, a number of page views
c.   A payment agreement where costs change depending on volume
d.   The product cost

Question: 22
How do listeners decide what is a worthwhile podcast to continually listen to?

a.   High quality audio and high quality content
b.   If its funny
c.   Broad based podcasts with no general direction
d.   Having several hosts and a myriad of topics

Question: 23
Why is it important to set daily maximum budgets for pay per clicks ad campaigns?

a.   It helps with ad placement
b.   It is required
c.   It helps drive affiliate sales
d.   Costs of clicked links can add up quickly if not limited

Question: 24
What is the formula for calculating cost per customer acquisition?

a.   Marketing spent on television divided by the number of new customers
b.   Sales divided by customers
c.   Total marketing budget divided by all customers ever
d.   Total marketing budget for a specific period divided by the number of new customers for that same period

Question: 25
How should a company allocate its marketing budget among the various methods of internet marketing?

a.   Depends on the company and what is most effective for its business
b.   Spread evenly among the methods chosen
c.   Haphazardly
d.   Spend most on email marketing

Question: 26
What type of income statement items are marketing expenses?

a.   Variable Cost
b.   Fixed Cost
c.   Revenue
d.   Cost of Good Sold

Question: 27
What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog, besides giving potential customers something to read?

a.   It keeps the marketing staff busy in down times
b.   It impresses clients
c.   A well maintained blog will help increase page rank with search engines
d.   It makes the company seem larger than it is

Question: 28
What is the "active voice" style of writing ads?

a.   Using "you" and not "I" or "we" – directing wording towards the customer
b.   Writing in the first person
c.   Writing in the third person
d.   Speaking omnisciently

Question: 29
Which of the following would not be effective in headline writing?

a.   Using words that draw attention
b.   Using words that people may search for
c.   Using small words which take up space and do not add value
d.   Using words such as "new, exciting, special offer"

Question: 30
How can the signature block be used effectively?

a.   Increases the length of the email making it seem more important
b.   Branding the firm and relaying information to the email recipient such as the company blog
c.   Guarantees further marketing success
d.   Expensive form of marketing

Question: 31
Why would a firm employ guerilla web marketing?

a.   It is guaranteed to work
b.   It allows greater flexibility
c.   It gives the firm more control over its marketing budget
d.   It is unconventional and can often leave a lasting impression on potential customers

Question: 32
What is meant by "guerilla marketing"?

a.   Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market
b.   Using advertising spots which utilize gorillas to capture the audience
c.   Having a large scale marketing budget
d.   Using television ads instead of web ads

Question: 33
What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals?

a.   Stop promoting the site
b.   Constantly monitor and improve their site in order to maintain their ranking
c.   Revise the site once in awhile
d.   Sell advertising on their site

Question: 34
What is a "landing page"?

a.   The page a potential customer sees when they click on your paid ad
b.   The main company website
c.   A page where the customer can buy the product
d.   Where the pay per click ads are created

Question: 35
How can supplemental materials be delivered to the podcast listener?

a.   Embedded into the audio file
b.   Files can be made available for download along with the link to the podcast
c.   The listener has to go to a special site only during the podcast
d.   The listener must pay for any additional materials

Question: 36
What is search engine optimization?

a.   Paying for placement on a search engine results page
b.   Building a site which has the qualities that search engines look for, which will ultimately get the site a high rank in the listings
c.   Optimization of a site so it gets more affiliate revenue
d.   Selling memberships to the site

Question: 37
What is a site index?

a.   A page which has a linkable outline of all of the pages on a website
b.   A site with only 1 page
c.   A site with special deals for purchasers
d.   A special ranking with search engines

Question: 38
Which of the following are podcasts least likely to target?

a.   Sales
b.   Branding
c.   Customer loyalty
d.   Content delivery

Question: 39
What is the best way to make internet marketing effective?

a.   Focus on one specific technique such as direct email
b.   Use a myriad of methods online
c.   Spend a lot of money on it
d.   Use email marketing first

Question: 40
Why are affiliates not the same as having a sales force?

a.   The affiliates are virtual
b.   The affiliates can be based anywhere in the world
c.   The affiliate only drives traffic, they do not necessarily convert them to sales
d.   The affiliates have limited availability

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