Upwork Test Answers of Graphic River Exam Test
Question: 01
If you'd like to use an asset within your file that someone else created and you're unsure whether you're allowed to, what should you do?

Answer: Ask a lawyer or the asset's license holder


Question: 02
What is most likely to happen if you copy someone else's design, regardless of where you found it?

Answer: You will be banned

Question: 03
When is it acceptable to upload a file type that's on the files-we-don't-need list?

Answer: When the file quality is especially high

Question: 04
When am I required to provide a help file?

Answer: When selling an Add-On, or any time a file requires advanced editing or contains an asset which requires attribution

Question: 05
What is most likely to happen if your file is visually unappealing?

Answer: It will get rejected

Question: 06
What should you do if another author has copied one of your files?

Answer: Contact Envato support

Question: 07
Which of the following would be an appropriate file title?

Answer: 20 Tiled Wood Textures

Question: 08
Who is responsible for copyright violations in submitted files?

Answer: The author


Question: 09
Who decides how files are priced?

Answer: The GraphicRiver staff

Question: 10
Tags help users find your files more easily. How many tags should you include?

Answer: 15 or fewer
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