1) The index.php file is a combination of HTML and PHP code.
Answer: True

2) What is the default super administrator account for Joomla called?
Answer: Administrator

3) Which of the following PHP directives are important to Joomla execution to define an alternate compression library if the standard library is not available?
Answer: extension_dir

4) Which of the following files is archive and contains the actual CB component that you must install into Joomla while downloading CB?
Answer: com_comprofiler

5) Which option will you choose to set the site metadata for the installed website?
Answer: Global Configuration

6) What will happen if we set the SSL enabled option to On?
Answer: This option will make the link from the menu begin with an https://

7) The core editor events apply to plug-ins that provide editor functionality such as TinyMCE or XStandard Lite.
Answer: True

8) Which PHP file does the index.php file load to provide the menu bar to the administrator interface?
Answer: Toolbar.php

9) Which of the given database systems is supported by Joomla?
Answer: Mysql

10) Which of the following is the default editor of Joomla?
Answer: TinyMCE

11) Joomla provides an abstracted method called getEscaped() that returns the escaped string regardless of the target database.
Answer: False

12) From which package are the classes (i.e JSite, JAdministrator and JInstallation) which make up the Joomla CMS application extended?
Answer: Installer

13) What is not true about JoomlaXplorer?
Answer: None of the above

14) Which of the following is a system event?
Answer: OnDisplay

15) Which Joomla file provides the central logic of the template, including any module and component display?
Answer: Index.php

16) When will you use SMTP authentication mail settings?
Answer: When you want to use an internal mail server

17) What do you understand by the type of error?
Answer: It means that STRICT_ALL_TABLES is enabled

18) Which path variable holds the path of the currently executing application?
Answer: All of the above

19) Which user events occur with plug-ins that are installed for the front end of the system?
Answer: Both a and b

20) Which type of positioning elements define a concrete area such as a p, td, div or table in a CSS file?
Answer: Block elements

21) Which of the following files does the "/includes" directory not contain?
Answer: None of the above

22) Which option will you select to install or to add the module to your website?
Answer: C

23) Why does Joomla use templateDetails.xml files?
Answer: All of the above

24) Which of the following events is activated after content rendering is complete for content type plug-ins?
Answer: OnAfterDisplayContent

25) All the Joomla settings are contained within a PHP class called JConfig.
Answer: True

26) In which PHP file is the central configuration data for Joomla contained?
Answer: configuration.php

27) What is not true about the MD5 hash value?
Answer: Each password in Joomla is stored as a MD5 hash value

27) There are two root classes for the Joomla framework: JFactory and JVersion.
Answer: True

28) Which option will you select to find unpublished articles?
Answer: Article manager

29) What do you understand from the following code?
Answer: SQL statement is executed against the Joomla database to find empty data fields

30) Which SEO settings will you activate to make Joomla article URL shown in picture A appear as shown in picture B?
Answer: B

31) In which option are errors, warnings and references logged?
Answer: None of the above

32) Which type of files can media manager not upload?
Answer: None of the above

33) Which among the following switches display the current version of PHP?
Answer: v

34) The Joomap extension uses the style-sheets from the currently selected default template to display the sitemap in the site style.
Answer: True

35) Which type of server technology is used by Joomla?
Answer: All of the above

36) Which of the following is not true about the FrontPage Manager?
Answer: You cannot select your content for the FrontPage from all the contents

37) What happens if the Text Separator Field is left empty while using the breadcrumbs module in the module manager?
Answer: None of the above

38) Which of the following support libraries must you include when you are doing a manual compile of PHP to use with Joomla?
Answer: All of the above

39) What is the role of the template metadata file in the system?
Answer: It contains the basic authorship information

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