Upwork Test Answers of TCP/IP Skill TestQuestion: 01
Once is supernetting required?

a. once the host address mustn't be divided for the aim of subnetting
b. once one subnet wants additional host IDs than provided by the category of address
c. once a number ID has got to be divided into 2 components
d. once network performance must be improved
e. once a subnet must be isolated
Answer: e

Question: 02
That of the subsequent is certainly a broadcast address for a category C network having Subnet Mask

a. xxx.xxx.xxx.0
b. xxx.xxx.255.1
c. xxx.xxx.xxx.126
d. xxx.xxx.xxx.254
e. xxx.xxx.xxx.255
f. None of the on top of
Answer: e

Question: 03
That statements area unit true relating to UDP?

a. it's a connectionless service
b. it's less reliable as compared to transmission control protocol
c. It uses acknowledgment
d. it's slow as compared to transmission control protocol
Answer: a, b

Question: 04
That of the subsequent address is reseived for loopback tests?

Answer: b

Question: 05
That of the subsequent Protocols is employed for transferring electronic mail?

a. FTP
c. ARP
Answer: d

Question: 06
However are you able to forestall a DHCP server from distribution Associate in Nursingscience address to a DHCP consumer once that address is among the vary of addresses outlined in a veryDHCP scope?

a. Deny the request
b. Redefine the DHCP scope
c. Increase the vary of science addresses
d. produce a consumer reservation for future reference
e. produce Associate in Nursing exclusion vary containing the science address
Answer: e

Question: 07
Your Company features a category C network. Your company needs half-dozen usable subnets, withtwenty hosts in every subnet. that subnet mask can you use?

Answer: b

Question: 08
That protocols will SNMP use once causing messages between subnets?

a. IP and UDP
b. TCP and IP
c. SNMP and UDP
d. ICMP and UDP
e. FTP and transmission control protocol
Answer: b

Question: 09
What's the binary price of hex BF?

a. 10100000
b. 10111111
c. 11111000
d. 00111011
Answer: b

Question: 10
However will a number resolve Associate in Nursing science address of another host situated onconstant subnet while not having to send a broadcast?

a. By requesting the physical address of the destination host
b. By requesting the physical address of the router
c. By accessing the routing table
d. If the entry is already within the supply host’s poet cache
e. The host cannot resolve the science address while not causing a broadcast
Answer: d

Question: 11
What percentage hosts are you able to assign with a category C network address employing asubnet mask of

a. 255
b. 62
c. 6
d. 2046
e. 0
Answer: b

Question: 12
That of the subsequent Protocols use port variety 25?

b. POP3
Answer: c

Question: 13
That science address category will the subsequent science address belong to? seventy eight.34.6.90

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D
e. Class E
Answer: d

Question: 14
What's the default time-to-live (TTL) price for Associate in Nursing entry within the poet cache?

a. 30 seconds
b. 60 seconds
c. 2 minutes
d. 90 seconds
e. 1 minute
f. Depends on OS
Answer: f

Question: 15
That utility must you use to check whether or not TCP/IP has been initialized on a computer?

a. ipconfig
b. init
c. trace
d. ping
Answer: a

Question: 16
What's the category of science address

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D
Answer: b

Question: 17
That protocol will the ping command use once making an attempt to check whether or not an overseas host is running?

a. IP
b. UDP
e. ARP
Answer: c

Question: 18
What's the binary price of 157?

a. 11000111
b. 10111001
c. 11100011
d. 10011101
Answer: d

Question: 19
By default what percentage subnets are you able to produce with a category B network addressemploying a subnet mask of

a. 0
b. 255
c. 64
d. 6
e. 252
Answer: d

Question: 20
That of the subsequent ranges area unit reseived as personal addresses?

a. —
b. —
c. —
d. —
Answer: c, d

Question: 21
However will poet work once making an attempt to resolve the science address of a destination host situated on a special subnet?

a. By causing Associate in Nursing poet broadcast requesting the physical address of the destination host
b. By causing Associate in Nursing poet broadcast requesting the physical address of the router
c. By causing Associate in Nursing poet broadcast for the science address it's making an attempt to use
d. By causing Associate in Nursing poet request to the default entryway
e. By causing Associate in Nursing poet request to the DHCP server on the remote subnet
Answer: d

Question: 22
What's the top-most level of the net name hierarchy called?

a. Zone
b. net name
c. the foundation domain
d. Reverse-lookup zone domain
e. Resolver
Answer: c

Question: 23
What's the aim of a DHCP relay agent?

a. to keep up the info of TCP/IP configurations
b. To forward DHCP requests to a DHCP server from DHCP purchasers in a very subnet that doesn't contain a DHCP server
c. to supply science configuration settings that ought to be applied to all or any DHCP purchasers all toldsubnets
d. to form a consumer reservation for a DHCP consumer
e. To relay messages from one DHCP consumer to a different DHCP consumer
Answer: b

Question: 24
That protocol matches the remote host’s physical address to a given science address?

a. TCP
b. IP
c. ARP
d. UDP
Answer: c

Question: 25
During which category of addresses will the primary octet specify the network ID and also the last3 octets specify the host ID?

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. Class D
e. Class E
Answer: a

Question: 26
What's the port variety employed by HTTP?

a. 21
b. 23
c. 80
d. 112
Answer: c

Question: 27
What percentage subnets area unit out there in a very category B network with subnet mask of

a. 256
b. 512
c. 64
d. 1024
Answer: a

Question: 28
That technique allows one network address to span multiple physical networks?

a. Multihoming
b. Multicasting
c. Multitasking
d. Subnetting
e. Supernetting
Answer: b

Question: 29
What will the HOSTS file contain?

a. science addresses and NetBIOS names
b. Physical addresses of every host
c. science addresses of every host
d. science address-to-NetBIOS name mappings
e. Associate in Nursing entry for every host’s science address followed by the host name
Answer: d

Question: 30
However could be a subnet mask specified for supernetting?

a. The host ID portion of a category address is extended to use a little of the network ID
b. The host ID portion is reduced
c. the full variety of bits used for science addressing is inflated
d. The subnet mask needn't be specified for supernetting
e. the amount of hosts on the network is belittled
Answer: d

Question: 31
That percentage bits area unit accustomed represent Associate in Nursing science address?

a. 8
b. 16
c. 24
d. 32
e. 40
Answer: d

Question: 32
To that subnet will the science address ten.120.100.255/18 belong to?

Answer: b

Question: 33
That of the subsequent could be a Multicast Address?

Answer: b

Question: 34
If UDP receives datagrams that aren't in a very sequence, what is going to it do?

a. it'll organize them in a very sequence victimization sequence numbers
b. it'll request supply host to resend datagrams
c. it'll drop datagrams that aren't in sequence
d. None of the on top of
Answer: a

Question: 35
However does one resolve science addresses locally?

a. By typewriting Resolve science address ip-address
b. By typewriting ARP-s ip-address
c. With Associate in Nursing poet request Associate in Nursingd an poet reply
d. With a RARP request and a RARP reply
e. By causing a broadcast
Answer: b

Question: 36
What's the binary price of hex 9F?

a. 10011111
b. 10111000
c. 11110001
d. 10001111
Answer: a

Question: 37
What's most variety of hosts allowed on subnet

a. 610
b. 612
c. 1024
d. 266
Answer: a

Question: 38
That protocol is employed to transfer data between a WWW server and a WWW browser?

a. FTP
b. UDP
d. IP
Answer: c

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