What is the country code of Argentina?

The Argentina country code is +54. It is used for calling to the Argentina from other country. Below the data are arranged only for your reference. Also you may find other necessary information about others countries from the top right Search Box.

What is the area code of Argentina?

The Argentina area code is one kind of code that help you make international phone call to Argentina. For making an international call to Argentina, use the country code of Argentina before the area code and the local number.

What is the dialing code of Argentina?

The Argentina dialing code is a code number which familiar with the name Argentina international dialing code, telephone code, phone code, or calling code. Without the dialing code, nobody can't make a call from the other country to the Argentina.

How to make an international call to Argentina?

To make an international call to Argentina, first dial the IDD, then country code, any area code, and the local number. The Argentina international dial code is usually followed by the city or area code.
CityCountry CodesArea CodesDialing Codes
Bahía Blanca+54291+54 291
Buenos Aires+5411+54 11
Comodoro Rivadavia+54297+54 297
Concordia+54345+54 345
Córdoba+54351+54 351
Corrientes+543783+54 3783
Formosa+543717+54 3717
Jesús María+543525+54 3525
Junín+542362+54 2362
La Plata+54221+54 221
La Rioja+543822+54 3822
Mar del Plata+54223+54 223
Mendoza+54261+54 261
Mercedes+542324+54 2324
Neuquén+54299+54 299
Paraná+54343+54 343
Posadas+543752+54 3752
Resistencia+543722+54 3722
Río Cuarto+54358+54 358
Río Gallegos+542966+54 2966
Rosario+54341+54 341
Salta+54387+54 387
San Francisco+54628+54 628
San Juan+54264+54 264
San Luis+542652+54 2652
San Martín+54408+54 408
San Nicolás de los Arroyos+543461+54 3461
San Pedro+54424+54 424
San Rafael+542627+54 2627
Santa Fe+54342+54 342
Santa Rosa+542954+54 2954
Santiago del Estero+54385+54 385
Santo Tomé+543756+54 3756
Tandil+542293+54 2293
Trelew/Rawson+542965+54 2965
Ushuaia+542901+54 2901
Viedma+542920+54 2920
Zárate+543487+54 3487

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