Get More Traffic From StumbleUpon

As a organic seo consultant I suggest you to be regular in StumbleUpon to bookmark your site. From my view stumbleUpon is only social bookmarking website which will Give you permanent dofollow backlink and huge visitor in a single day. You need to know StumbleUpon Page Rank is 8 and Alexa Rank 146. This bookmark site is really very welldecorated and easy to decide topic for visitor.


You can also call it a Search engine and lots of Social media experts think that StumbleUpon should be a Big Tread for Google. I shared a Topic about StumbleUpon Vs Google Before Some days. StumbleUpon should be your best Choice to get unlimited traffic for your website or blog. Lots of freelancers working all day long in freelancing sites and they have usually work for give more visitor for their client. For this kind of strategy you must need help from StumbleUpon. Lets See the magic for get Huge and Unlimited Visitor from StumbleUpon.

Create an StumbleUpon account and share your blogs link everyday. You will get at least 3 visitor for per link at a time. It will tough to get visitor early in the day but day by day you will start to get huge. If you will share 100 different post link in a day than you will get at least 300 visitor at a time within 5 second after submit it in StumbleUpon. May you need to know something deep about this visitor passing technique of StumbleUpon. Actually StumbleUpon mostly depends on SEO and internet marketing expert and they try to give visitor in experts blog which is one of tricks about StumbleUpon. If you share 100 links within 1 Hour you will get at least 700 Unique visitor and in a day you will get 10,000 from this 1000 links. Normally for One hand work that's enough for single blogging.

But if you want to get unlimited visitor from StumbleUpon than you need to follow some technique. Hope, you feeling that if you share your links more time here than you will get more visitor but need to know that you can share a link only a single time in your StumbleUpon Account. Than you feeling that if you create a new account in stumbleUpon than you can get unlimited traffic from StumbleUpon. Yes, your idea now very close to the technique that I will share with you now. Definitely, You need to do that but if you create your new account from your same IP and MAC address than you will not get any bonus visitor from stumbleUpon. Ok, Just Change Your PC or Laptops Mac address and than create a new account and Start submitting unlimited links and get Unlimited Visitor. Happy Stumble !!!

Get More Traffic From Answers Yahoo

A SEO and Internet marketing expert can also get huge visitor by answers on answers yahoo regularly. Answers Yahoo is world largest Forum of the world and there is no forum where have this kind of huge visitor. Answers yahoo is also the only forum where have no restriction to answers as more as you can. Forum posting is one of the tricky technique for SEO expert. Though only dofollow forums link help a website to raise a website in search engine but some forums are not dofollow and it help you to get huge visitor. Answers yahoo is one of them and best one forum for get large amount of visitor. But it have some technique to get more traffic from answers yahoo.

yahoo answers

Step One:
Starting your answer in answers yahoo. Daily participate to answer at 20 discussion. Vote 20 per day and it's better if you get bonus by select as best answer in discussion. When your point will 250+ than you will able to submit link on your participation.

Step Two:
Try to be more popular in answer yahoo by answering appropriately which would be helpful for traffic.

Step Three:
Try to answer you website related topic. After read you discussion, traffic encourage to visit your link.

Step Four:
Use Google adwords keywords tools for identify more popular question. If you answers more searching keywords on Google. You can able to get huge visitor from via Google and answer yahoo lifetime.

Step Five:
Answer very  clearly which help you to get achieve best answer. If your answer will be best, you can get unlimited visitor in your whole life by answer yahoo.

[Believe it or not .. 3 month ago I got 1000 traffic from a single answer in answers yahoo.]

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