Some Reasons To Drop Google Page Rank
Considering the value of a website/ blog to Google they assign Google Page Rank to each and every website/ blog. All the pages inside that particular website/blog also will have a Google page rank. Depending on the Google page rank  they will decide where to place your website or the blog in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The Google page rank is a scale between numerical values of 0 to 10. Zero means your website is not ranked by Google (least important for Google). The websites with Google page rank of 10 is considered as the most important sites for Google. No need to say that the most important websites are appearing on the first page of SERP.

If you can bring your website/blog to the first page of SERP, you will be able to drive thousands of targeted traffic in to your blog via search engines. But this is not that easy. You need to work hard on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring your website/blog to the first page of SERP. Both on page optimization and off page optimization is vital in this process. Making a SEO friendly blog is the key in getting a higher Google page rank.

One of the most important assets of Google Page Rank is, how to keep it without dropping down. This is a major problem for most of the webmasters. You should think of it right now because if it happens, then even 3-4 days without search engine rankings may bring a significant loss in your traffic and sales.

In order to prevent from this I recommend you to learn following 10 possible reasons which may involve in dropping down your web page ranking. If your Google Page Rank is already dropped you may able to bring it back by adhering to following factors.

1. Initially Google may give you a high Google Page rank until it falling in to realistic rank. It is like a period of honeymoon. Real problems may come out few months after a marriage. As it is Google will initially give you a better PR (Page Rank) initially. But later they decide the real value of the site after reviewing it.

2. After the end of this period you required to prove yourself that your website/blog is important to the community. To prove yourself you may require to be focused more on low competitive keywords rather than high competitive keywords. At the same time you need to update your website/blog regularly with original and useful content. High quality incoming link may quicken the process.

3. The Google algorithm is updating regularly. It may not show any significant change in traffic to your website/blog initially.  But later you may notice that your Google page rank has dropped. This may not a direct effect of algorithm update. It occurs because sites with your backlinks are affected with algorithm updates. To prevent this keep on backlink building.

4. Malware is the other important factor for dropping your Google PR. If Google detect any malware on your site/ page it will notify and warn the potential visitors who are expecting to visit your site. This will make a huge drop in your traffic. Even most webmasters who are providing backlinks to your blog may break the backlinks if they detect any malware on your blog. You can check whether Google has detected any malware on your blog by using Google Webmasters Tool. After removing those malware you will be able to get your regular traffic back.

5. Sever issues also play a major role in Google page rank and indexing your page on SERP. If Google bot cannot read your website, they will not be able to index your pages on SERP. So it is a must to select a better hosting service to host your website/ blog.

6. Broken links is another vital factor in search engine ranking. If your blog consists of tons of broken links, it will be a major cause in dropping down your Google Page Rank. It is not an easy job to check all the broken links manually. I am using Broken Link Checker Tool to check my broken links.

7. Duplicateor copied content is a major factor that affects your Google Page Rank. Google hate copied content. So make sure not to post any copied content from other websites or article directories. I am using Free Copyscape tool to check copies of my posts in web.

8. If your Robot.txt file blocks the crawling of your site, you may require correcting it before it makes a big damage to your website/blog.

9. Use acceptable SEO techniques to drive traffic. Never use black hat SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website/blog such as traffic exchange. Google will penalize websites which uses black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO will reduce your Google Page Rank.

10. Sometimes the position in SERP will changed within few days even without changing the Google Page Rank. This implies that your site is regaining the higher rank shortly.

Finally what I want to stress you is, keep updating your site with high quality content and make backlinks to your blog as much as possible. If you play your role effectively, Google will play their role for the favour of your website/blog. Ultimately you will get a higher Google Page Rank.

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