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Anchor text is one of the most important factors you must understand in order to earn good rankings from the search engines. Specifically, anchor text refers to the linked text that’s displayed in place of a web address – the text you click on to be taken to a new web page. Anchor text is structured as follows in a website "Learn more about html character codes"

Examining this link structure, we can see two major elements – the actual web address of the site and the anchor text that the viewer will see displayed on the page. In this example, a visitor to this web page would see only the words "Learn more about html character codes" Any visitors who clicked on this link would automatically be taken to the site , even if they weren’t aware that this was the link’s destination.

How to create Anchor Text?

Just replace your own words and url as follows:

<a href="">html character codes</a>

Anchor text can be used in both internal and external links – and it’s important to focus on both of these elements as part of your linking strategy.

Internal links are those that connect separate pages on your website. In this instance, you can use anchor text on the links that connect your home page to an article that’s posted on your site. The navigation links on your web pages are internal links.

External links are those that come from sites outside of your own – if, for example, another money making site linked back to your own as a good source of information.

So why is it so important to use anchor text? Why not just include the link to your website or something generic, like “Click Here”? For one, using anchor text gives visitors more information on the benefit of clicking on your link and through to your site. Of course, for this reason, your anchor text should make sense – stuffing it full of three or four keywords will turn off potential human visitors, even if it boosts your rankings in the search engines.

Secondly, using quality anchor text that includes your target keywords or keyphrases also improves your rankings on the major search engines (especially for the exact keywords and keyphrases you use in the anchor text).

This is due to the fact that anchor text helps let the search engines know what your site is about. Search engines also place a premium on the anchor text that links back to your site from other reputable sites. Focusing on increasing the number of quality links coming back to your site and including keyword-rich anchor text in these links is a great way to improve the amount of natural traffic you receive from the search engines.

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