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There are two types of marketing. They are online marketing (Internet Marketing) and offline marketing. Even there are two types of marketing, the principles and purpose are same for both.  I can say Internet Marketing is the greatest marketing out of them. Now don't say it's easy, it's fast or something else. Because both are wrong. I said above that vision, purpose and principles are same for both online and offline marketing. Did you see offline marketing as easy? No. So how this can be easy or fast? I don’t think so.

Internet Marketing

First of all you need to understand what is Internet Marketing is. Then you can think about whether you get into it or not.  Definition of Internet Marketing is little different from Marketing. Before that what is Marketing?

Identifying and managing of consumer needs while satisfying them in a profitable manner can be known as Marketing. If I'm wrong I believe you’ll correct me at the end of this post.!
Then Internet Marketing is Identifying consumer needs online, Supplying information on that needs through different kinds of medias while satisfying those consumer needs with a service or a product.

Yeah. It’s a totally business going through Internet. That’s why many people fail in that. People who have a great ideas are always come from nothing to go to win-win situations. Now you have an idea about what is Internet Marketing. When you have a great awareness about what you are going to do, You’ll walk to the success easily than people who don’t have anything on what they are going to do. While marketing categories as two types. You can further divide Internet Marketing to so many other marketing. With the born of Internet Marketing there are much activities go under that. because of this, Birth to many industries were originated.

Online Advertising

This is the biggest one come under Internet Marketing so I choose to write this first. There are various models of Online Advertising. They are

  • CPM – Cost Per Mille, This is based on a fixed price for every 1,000 impressions.In here an impression means the number of times that ad displayed to the users whether it is clicked on or not. So each time that ad display is count as 1 impression.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click, also called CPC – Cost Per Click, If you don’t know this model then surely you are living on a cave!. This is the biggest used model in online advertising. You pay every time when your ad is viewed or clicked by a user. You can also bid your price in PPC. This model is also favored by Search Engines. You know Google Adwords is the largest PPC ad network in Internet.
  • CPA – Cost Per Action, This one is widely used in Affiliate Marketing. This means you pay for the publisher only if you get a transaction. The transaction may be a lead -Entering email address and name normally can be called as subscribing or a sale.
  • Direct text links, banner ads

There are so many kinds of Online Advertising Models but major models are mentioned above.

Search Engine Marketing

This also known as SEM.  This is totally dealing with the search engines. World biggest search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Increasing the visibility of a site in the SERPs – Search Engine Results Page is done in this part of Internet Marketing. To increase that visibility there are options like SEO – Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Paid inclusion available. To make you impress I thought to tell you this thing. In 2008 North American Advertisers spent over $13.5 billion. Then how much in this 2012 they are spending….!

Search Engine Optimization

The highest pillar option in the Search Engine Marketing is SEO. Optimizing the contents of a website to make it easier to  search engines to offer a higher rank in SERPs is known as SEO. This is also a wide field, a big industry. When you make it happen you need to aware of both Off Site SEO and On Site SEO. I will talk about more in these later.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very popular revenue generating way under internet marketing. Affiliate marketing runs according to CPA model. There is a vendor who offer his service or product for a fixed price. He is willing to offer other people – known as Affiliates to sell his own product or service by their own efforts while making those affiliates happy by giving a commission. If you participate in this you will earn only if you made a click, a lead or a sale to that vendor. So This is highly profitable to both.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is similar to affiliate marketing, but there are differences. Most people came to know about referral system from PTC – Paid To Click industry. Because it is the first place people going to make money online. In my side also it happened like that. I also get to know about blogging after some damn years of clicking ads.!!!. Anyway referral marketing means introducing new members or new customers for a particular service or product. It may be Hosting Service or may be simply membership of PTC site. (If you still sticky to this industry, Please Don’t use them anymore. I’ll tell why later).

Email Marketing

If I asked you what is the most important back-end property your blog have , what would be your answer? My answer is the Email list of that blog. This Email marketing is done by using a list of emails or mail database. A direct commercial message sent to group of people who passionate about a particular topic or field by using their email addresses is called Email Marketing. The message might be anything like invitation to visit a website, invitation to purchase something or to brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Most people use Internet to use social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, StumbleUpon. But that is their interest. There is a huge opportunity to Internet Marketers in those Social Networking sites, Social Bookmarking sites and micro-blogging sites. Using those social media sites to the benefit of internet marketers by adopting various strategies is called Social Media Marketing (also called SMM). Getting traffic is the opportunity and the way it acts you can categories them as targeted traffic, converted traffic(Traffic that converted into a sale or a lead).

Information Marketing

Then the Information Marketing or info marketing. This is the activity of offering free information on a particular subject, topic or a field with the hope of gaining revenue from that by monetizing it. This monetize part included so many things and include some of the things mentioned above.

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