Skills Required: Design & Creative, Voice Talent, English

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Sample Job Description:


I have made a whole course that is a couple hours long but then realized the audio - voice over sucks because my apartment isn't the best place to record.

I need someone who can take the video recordings and voice over them saying what I had said.

This will lead to multiple new jobs.

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I am Marco from UK. I sing sons in bars and restaurants. Records attached.

Many times, I was invited into IT sphere to voice different characters in short introductions, games and short movies.

I got great experience to work with IT specialists following their instructions to gain the best results. I learnt best practice how to do this kind job professionally.

In addition, I know how to process voice records to minimize output file size and do not lost quality.

I think these qualities help me to accomplish this job perfectly.

To add voice to 2hr recording will cost $40. Let me know if you have any questions - I am always pleased to talk with people.

Have a nice day, sir

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