Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Mobile Development, Android Programming, ios Programming, iphone Programming, Developer.

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Sample Job Description:

I have a MOBILE siteand i want to make it available as an APP to download from Appstore and Google Play

this will nto be ur traditional full blooded APP all it will be is to allow them to download from appstore etc and then save on their device

when they open it the home landing page will be the home page of my mobile site

hope u follow so far
so in a way we r kind of using an APP front end/skin and my existing mobile site as backend

we can add a few links on it also like EMAIL US - FACEBOOK etc but these will all link to the Internet (native OS browser pages) NOT inside the APP !!

the 1 feature i would like inside the APP is the SHARE feature so ppl can share via SMS or EMAIL or the other social media links.

Sample Cover Letter(Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)


My name is Maria (UTC+3:00)

I definitely understand what you need and I can do such app from your landing page during 30 minutes as you hire me.

Everybody can do it using phonegap, but I know how to do it and avoid common mistakes which eat much time and delay timelines.

Share feature will take a half of day. I have good examples how it may looks like  I can share them with you to discuss.

I agree with your cost of this task and even can do this in two times less, because I am interesting in long -term projects and want to show that I am reliable, can do job quickly and with high quality.

As I have great experience in mobile development you can easily contact me to get any consultations to evaluate how good I am in this field.

It was nice to offer my knowledge for your job.

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