Skills Required: Translation, General Translation.

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Sample Job Description:

Customer service communication
Email Communication
Japanese/ English Speaking

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I am Yuto from Japan.

Here is a sphere where I am a professional. My native language is Japanese. Last 5 years I worked in Japanese college like EN teacher.

Our college has special program to exchange students with USA universities, so my role is to support all correspondence with our foreigner colleges.

In addition, I am involved into a long-term process of upgrading our tech base. New equipment is coming from USA, so all communications with buyers are my responsibility too.

By demand, I can provide reference letter from my principal who appreciates and rates me very much.

I am very attentive to details as all Japanese, which is important, especially in email communications where any mistakes lead to serious problems.

I think my advantage is that I know how to translate difficult Japanese phrases, which have many meanings on English correctly and vice versa. 

My rate is $12/hr and I can work all 7 days by 4hr per day mostly in the evening. I like long-term cooperation, because it helps me deeply understand sphere and to be maximum useful for employer.

Thank you!!!

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