Skills Required: Admin Support, Data Entry, Ms Access

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Sample Job Description:

I have a list of 230 businesses in a column in an excel spreadsheet. I need Location of the business in another column and i need the phone number in another column.

Location: If in USA I just need the state abbreviation. (California = CA)
If Canada I just need the Province. Anywhere else in the world I will just the country.

I will have plenty more work after this.

Sample Cover Letter (Drag mouse from this point to bottom to Copy)

Dear sir

I have a great experience in processing large DB of addresses. I know how easy it can be automated in Excel using VBA.

Let me do this job for you for free right now just to prove my expertise in this field.

I am looking for long-term jobs, my rate is pretty low $4/hr and quality and responsibility is high.

I can not only process data and extract particular information into different columns, but also  I can use web crawlers like Teleport and HTTrack  to download web sites content from the Internet and extract mail and e-mail addresses from them. I know how to get e-mail addresses from large site using eMail Extractor.

I use MS Access to process and clean up large amount of data using SQL scripts.

Hope I could awake you interest in me. I am always online, work hard and very sensitive to details.

Will be glad to get this job, Robert Johnson (GMT+8:00)

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