Skills Required: Admin Support, Project Management, Project Management

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Sample Job Description:

A highly organized, motivated and detailed oriented person who will monitor various projects, keep a detailed running report, provide regular executive summaries to the CEO, pro-actively seek and apply resources that may be keeping any project  from reaching its target date for achievement.

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Dear employer

My name is Oviler from Australia

I am a project manager in IT sphere more than 10 years.

I started as a programmer and grown up to manager, so I have great technical background and I know how to communicate with all team members from developers to client.

During all my working experience company's executives rely on me to find, recommend and hire talented developers, QA, html coders and other IT specialists. I have many good friends in different IT spheres.

I found that the best way to motivate a team is to establish friendly relationships and became an example for others.

People often come to me for many tech solutions and advice.

I modified Scram and PMBook methodology for a company, which is specialized in developing e-commerce web sites.

2 years I integrated 3 working shifts for a development company that successfully works for such brands Microsoft, Apple, Discovery.

I can do everything you mentioned in your offer and even more, because if you want to be a great project manager you must have high personality qualities, be professional in your sphere and supply great results.

I cannot include whole things, which I experienced into this small cover letter, but I can guarantee that you will get great results and pleasure working with me.

Usually my rate is $45/hr, but when I start new project the rate is $35/hr for the first month, because I feel that I need to show to new employer what I am worth first.

It was pleasure to read your offer and introduce my-self. Let me know if you have any questions, I am always open for new cooperation.

Best wishes, sir!

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