Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Web Development, Php.

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Sample Job Description:

We need a PHP script to simulate a human login on a website.
Once the script detects the login was successful, the script needs to simulate a user click on a button in the page to download an Excel .xls file from that web page.

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The solution for your task can be archived by different ways, which depend on the following:
1) if the site you mentioned is yours then I can write PHP script to emulate login and download file. It is easy;

2) if the site is an external site then it is better to write simple script (there are many desktop tools available for windows and mac) to emulate user actions like login and clicks.

For the case #2: you even can put this script into schedule and download the file periodically.

My rate is $21/hr and I can do this task during next 2 days.

I think that option #1 may take 2hr and the option #2 - from 1hr to 6hr (depends on extra time to schedule the process and save/rename files).

I always do the best for my clients; explaining what and how can be done to achieve the expected results with minimum cost and time.  

Please feel free to contact me in case if you have any questions.

Have a nice day!!!

Regards, Michael

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