Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Product Management, Project Management, Management.

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Sample Job Description:

We're seeking a project manager to help our small team of 3-4 people be more effective.  We're currently using Asana as a task tracking tool. 

We want someone to be able to:
- Understand our organizations challenges, goals & objectives on a yearly, quarter and monthly basis
- Participate in meetings to help track down all tasks needed to be completed in order for out team to meet our objectives
- Help facilitate conversation during team members (2x a month) and ask us any questions about any tasks we haven't though of
- Help organize all of our TO-DOs in Asana, manage the project and make sure we know what we're going to do and then start working on it correctly.
- Help keep on top of us weekly to make sure we're completing our tasks in time to complete our project on time.

- If you're a PM, we want you to do what your best at, help us manage our projects.

We're a software company,, we develop in PHP.  Experience and knowledge with software projects is highly preferred.  We also need help managing some projects related to marketing and other parts to our business.  At any given time, we'll probably have around 2-4 projects going at once.

Our Asana is always a mess, it's been hard to keep it effectively organized, we really need help getting organized so we're focusing on the right tasks. We're seeking the project manager to help clarify all of the ideas we have and get them down in a concise, easy to understand, set of instructions and tasks our team can start completing one at a time.

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Hello sir

Thank you for providing such opportunity to help your team.

I have more than 10 years experience as software developer (PHP, .Net, DB designing), team building and leading, project managing.

I started my own team 6 year ago from 1 person me and now this team includes ~50 high qualified employees with very friendly bonds.

3-4 team members is a very good number to work effectively without any bureaucracy.

The biggest problem of small teams is that one person may do the same time N projects as a developer, PM and QA simultaneously. It always leads to mess.

I am sure that my experience can be beneficial for your team.

Small advice:
- separate duties: developers must do only development staff, QA - only test app, PM - only do management.
- use Trello instead of Asana - it is free and easy. I think it is even more useful to use simple Google Doc
- do not try organize everything
- all team members must have good relationships, no slaves and gods

I think that applying some improvements will take minimum time if your team wishes the same as you.

My rate as PM is 50$/h and I can do all stuff related organizing your work for free, because if you and your team trust me then this process will be easy and take less time, otherwise I cannot help.

Let have a free phone/ Skype conversation and then decide about this job.

Have a nice day!!!

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