Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, QA & Testing, Quality Assurance, Testing.

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Sample Job Description:

I would like a QA expert to work directly with developers to test the functions and report it to developers.

This will likely be an iterative process, so I am looking for less formal communication process. You can report the issues, then chat or skype the developers to fix the problems and save time.

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My name is Mary. Please see how I can help you:
- I am very friendly and have great communication skills (I worked along, with developers, with UX engineers, within QA teams). I know how to establish contact with different people and work with them without conflicts.

- I am very polite and always constructive. I know how to describe bugs, so the team members can easy reproduce it.

- I am always online, so no problem with timezone with your developers, I can contact them when it is more comfortable for them

- I can do installation testing (I did it for mobile and desktop app), smoke and sanity (if you familiar with such type), acceptance, functional, black, white, loading (using JMeter) and even unit test (on PHP only)

- I am not only can do testing, but also I can check usability and WGAC;

- I have enough time (I am post-graduated student) to work on your project without interruptions on different tasks

- I would suggest to use Google doc for tracking, if you do not use any other BugTracking systems yet. I know how to organize the working/ testing process more effectively. I also used: Jira, Trello (not good for testing), Bugzilla, Fogbugz (the best one - but not free) and Basecamp (more for project management)

My rate is pretty small - $9/hr, so I hope that my candidature fits your needs :)

It was nice to contact you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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