Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, QA & Testing, Quality Assurance, Testing

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Sample Job Description:

Please provide me a generic quote for your services.I have multiple web applications and constant work for load testing.

Please provide me your quote in the form of pre-defined packages that can be applied to any application..

Please provide me a detailed quote with as many specifics as possible.

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I am an expert in Jmeter, but unfortunately cannot understand how it is possible to estimate work without knowing application functionality.

But if to generalize, then the loading testing process looks like this:
- specify what pages/functionality are critical and vulnerable for high loading. As rule these are most visited pages and payment/shipping/processing pages
- specify what is min/average and maximum amount of visitors/requests
- specify what steps should be passed to reach the page under loading - for example, the tested page is a page which opens with GET/ POST parameters like 'all=yes';
- specify if testing must be done under particular user profile and with/without cookies
- write scenarios and test them - to be sure that they work properly
- run test in working mode for min/average and maximum values, gradually analyzing the results.
- correct scripts if need and check test again.
- use any scheduler to run test periodically for testing or production environment.
- control results and provide them to a development team

Complete the steps above for each project.

Very rough estimate for applying the steps above for standard e-commerce web will take ~  10-16h +/-30%. If you hire me to do this, so my hourly rate is $13/hr.

If you going to start this next 1-2 weeks then I will be available ~10h/week, later depends on other offers which I consider right now.

Have a good day, sir!

Best regards, Peter

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