Skills Required: Sales & Marketing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization.

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Sample Job Description:

I need to optimize a new eCommerce website to get into good search results. The site sells tiles to consumers and trade in the UK and needs to get coverage all over the UK.

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I did quick research by 'tile' in UK and found some very good phrases that can help to gain first places in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There are several important questions/comments:
- what CMS do you use for your site? Some CMS have great support of SEO tags, some - not. It will influence on the process. Also some CMS includes many technical info at the beginning of the HTML page which decreases chances to spread the key phrases. In some CMS I know how to avoid this by installing special plugins or use Ajax
- do you plan to buy some ads to promote your site? If yes - what budget? If - NO, it is not a problem;
- I found your nearest competitors and need to admit that they have very good optimized pages, but after you show me your site I can do deep research on possible key phrases
- do you know any forums, non-profit organizations and social groups related to you niche? If yes- please provide, if - no, then I will do the research. We can use them to get quality backlinks.
- I would recommend to open one or two promotion web sites: one - blog with articles about tiles; another - photo gallery + about + products description. Both of them will link to main eCommerce site.

I have many other ideas that help my clients to be on the first place in SE results.

My hourly rate is $20/hr, or if you decide to pay fixed price - please contact to discuss the questions.

I like this work, I consider each client as a close friend and I always do the best for my friends.

I will clarify and explain to you all my decisions/methods in terms of SEO, so you will be aware in all steps I do.

I use the most updated software that help SEO community to analyze, choose key phases and monitor site position. You will have online access to most updated status report for you site.

Best regards, Nick

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