Skills Required: Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Web Development, Php, .Net, Developer, Development.

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Sample Job Description:

We would like someone to create a database management software for the daycare industry to keep track of payments and children information.  We have a number of locations and want the software to be web based in where each center can login to our software and enter their information and provide them with all reports as to who has paid and not paid, when subsidies are coming up for renewal.  Want to be able to store all of our parent information along with their children's information.  Also want to track all of our time sheets for staff on this program with reports printed out at the end of each month or when ever I choose.

We also want the ability to consolidate at a head office level where we can spit out reports for collections for all the centers combined, and revenue reports on all the centers. 

Must agree that this software is owned by us, and you have no authority to own, duplicate, copy or use this software when completed for any reason.

We are on a very tight budget, and therefore are looking for best possible price.

to be run on a windows platform, most use windows 7 or earlier versions.

Will want to have multiple users and passwords at both daycare level and head office level.  Be able to sign in anywhere online and access program.
Must be a very secure software with backups.

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My name is Maria Hernandez.

I have great expertise in development such systems. For the last 5 years me (inside the team) run 2 projects for automobile ( and computer ( fields with similar functionality.

As you have very tight budget I would recommend two options:
1) Use PHP and MySQL - these technologies are free and supported most of hosting companies. In future if project grows up you can use shards to scale it. The minus - you cannot use this code to mimic the functionality for a desktop application, which you mention above  see the 2nd solution;

2) .Net + MS SQL. The project can be developed using SOAP services which allow you on the first phase develop only web sites and on the second/third phase - desktop/mobile applications with minimum hours just utilizing existing code used for web sites

I would start this project from detailed description of roles and user interfaces, which I can do, and then making a plan of tasks and estimates.

By demand, I can send screenshots of my existing similar projects. Cannot attach here by NDA restrictions

I am available 40h per week and would glad to do this project.

Please be aware that my rate is 45$ per hour. We can negotiate it a little bit.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Please notice, that I am considering other similar offers and must make the decision during this week.

Thank you!!!

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