Skills Required: Article & Blog Writing, SEO, Blogging

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Sample Job Description:

We're looking for someone to help us improve the seo of some of our articles, this is an ongoing job for a few hours a month!

You will mainly need to:
- finding images for blogs
- know how to fix the images in Photoshop, if they are stretched
- know how to tag blogs and images properly
- know how to use Yoast to make it turn green

You must know how to do these things very quickly, you should know how to work with Yoast.

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I would like to accomplish this job, because:
- I like doing such kind of job: research, blogs, SEO. I did it for many years for different companies serving people in such fields as banking, insurance, health, sport, cars
- I know how to optimize images and how to cut it to leave only important entertainment part if the image is too big
- I am expert in wordpress and love it so much. There are no things which I cannot do in this CMS. I can adjust existing plugins and write small new one
- I like to move site rating up using white SEO methods. I have experience using most popular and effective tools of getting key words/phrases
- Yoast - is best one in SEO, great choice, sir. I would recommend you to check the current version which do you use now and update it as soon as possible. Some previous version had security vulnerabilities

My rate is $10/hr and I would love to do this job. This type of work is what I have been successfully doing for many clients who became my constant clients.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Regards, Simon

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