How To Pass The IELTS Writing Test Module Easily

How To Pass The IELTS Writing Module is designed to help IELTS candidates raise their IELTS Writing scores by an entire band, enabling them to get the mark they require for their future life. This document has been put together by a former IELTS Writing Examiner who has experience of marking many thousands of IELTS Writing Tests and has been thereby able to identify the simple errors which the majority of candidates make again and again.

After finishing reading this book you will be in a strong position to prepare yourself to succeed in the IELTS Writing exam. Of course if you combine the knowledge and wisdom inside this book with completing an online Writing course at, you will greatly increase the effectiveness of this book in helping to raise your band score, and will be almost certain to raise your overall band score for the IELTS Writing Module.

It is important to note that all materials in this book are not Original IELTS Materials and have been separately produced for

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