Questions 22-29:
Read the article on International Students House and look at the statements below. In boxes 22-29 on your answer sheet write:

T    if the statement is true
F     if the statement is false
NG  if the information is not given in the passage

The first one has been done for you as an example.

Example                                                                                 Answer
The club is for overseas students only.                          FALSE

22.  The club has long-term dormitory accommodation.
23.  Membership must be renewed monthly.
24.  The club provides subsidized restaurant meals.
25.  The club is open to non-members on Tuesday evenings.
26.  STA Travel help finance the Students Adviser.
27.  The services of the Students Adviser are free to all club members.
28.  You must make an appointment to see the Students Adviser.
29.  There will be a surcharge for accommodation over the Christmas period.

International Students House

International Students House is a unique club and accommodation centre for British and overseas students in London. It is located in the heart of London's West End and is close to all public transport facilities

» comfortable accommodation for up to 450 people in single, twin, 3/4 bedded and multi-bedded rooms
» 44 self-contained flats for married students and families.
» long and short stays welcomed.

Club membership is open to all full-time students, professional trainees, student nurses and au pairs. Membership costs are kept to an absolute minimum to enable the widest possible access. You can join for as little as one month and for up to one year at a time. Membership entitles you to use the various facilities of the House. It has:

  • Restaurants
  • Student bars and coffee shop
  • Study rooms
  • Clubs and societies
  • Aerobics and fitness training
  • Discos, dance, jazz and cinema
  • Travel and excursions and much more!

The best way to check out all we have on offer is to drop in any Tuesday evening between 7.15 pm and 8.30 pm for Open House in the Club Room. This is an opportunity for you to meet the staff and other club members, enjoy a free cup of coffee and find out all about what's going on. You can take advantage of special membership offers. (Useful tip: bring along 3 passport size photographs if you wish to take out membership.)

Thanks to the support of STA Travel and in association with LCOS (the London Conference on Overseas Students) International Students House now provides the service of an International Students Adviser. This new welfare service is open to all students at London's bona-fide academic institutions. It aims to provide welfare support to help students overcome any personal or practical difficulties they may be experiencing whilst studying in Britain. One of the key features of the Advice Service is that the Adviser can be seen during the evenings until about 8 pm, Monday to Thursday.

Unable to get home for Christmas? How about joining in the fun at International Students House! Check out our special programme of activity taking place over the Christmas period. Even come and stay - the House will be offering reduced accommodation rates for students wishing to spend a few days in London over Christmas. We'll also have an exciting New Year's Eve party so come and join us and ring in the new year in the spirit of internationalism.


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