Describe an interesting historic place.
You should say:
What is it?
Where it is located?
What you can see there now?
And explain why this place is interesting?

Possible answer the above speaking cue card:

Machu Picchu in southern Peru is a very interesting historic place and I have a great interest about his historic place. Though I have not visited this place in person, but I would definitely love to be there someday. I mostly learned about this place from one of my friends who visited there and from TV, internet and newspapers.

Machu Picchu is located in Machupicchu District in southern Peru and it is historically connected with the 15th-century Inca civilization. It is located in 2,430 meters or around 7,970 feet area above the sea level. This place lies on top of a mountain and is a very popular destination for the tourist all around the world. This place is referred as the "Lost city of the Incas" and it was named as one of the 7 wonders of the world in 2007. UNESCO nominated it as a world heritage in the year 1983.

This historic place was built as an estate for the Pachacuti emperor of the Inca civilization in around 1450 and is considered as the most significant and familiar icon of the Inca civilization.

A tourist can see the finest work of the Inca civilization there and can learn many things about this civilization. Apart from the ruins and cultural icons, one can enjoy the great beauty surrounding this place. The sunset time is awesome and eye-witnessing the hills is something unforgettable. The Inca bridge is interesting to hike, and the scattered stones in the place is a different experience one can get. The Condor, Steps , Falling stairs, Temples, Sacred Rock, Llamas and other Animals, Inca Trail will all blow your mind and would remind you that you are visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world.

This is an interesting place due to the vast area and iconic meaning of the Inca civilization. There are a lot to see, a lot to do and enjoy and being at one of the 7 wonders of the world is something a visitor will never forget. This place takes us to the past, in the time when Inca nation was there, and taught us how advanced they were as they have been able to build such a place with virtually no technological advancement of modern technology.

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