Describe a person who became your friend.
You should say:
Who the person is?
How you met him/ her?
What made you two become friends?
And explain how is your friendship now?

Follow-up Questions:
  • Which one is better, being introvert or extrovert? 
  • What type of person are you? 
  • What important aspects do you consider to make new friends?

Possible answer the above speaking cue card:

Though I have many friends, my friendship with them grew up with times and mutual understanding. But I can recall that my friendship with George grew up almost all of a sudden.

George is senior to me by 2-3 years and I did not meet him until I was in the 4th semester in my University. One of my term final exam's schedules was changed and I did not know that. According to my previous exam schedule, I reached my University and was totally confused what to do when I heard that the exam was already over. I went to our Departmental head's office and he could not find a way around of it. He blamed me that I should have been more careful about the changes. I explained to him that I was sick and did not come to the university for 3-4 days and that made me unaware of the exam schedule changes. Then I found that someone who was sitting next to me in the departmental head's office asked me to meet the course teacher and explain the situation. He then escorted me to our course teacher's room and talked to the teacher. It seemed to me that George was already personally known to our teacher and they had an intimate relationship. Hearing everything the teacher agreed to arrange an exam for me next day in his office room.

My friendship with George grew up after that event and albeit our age difference, we found that we had many common interests and habits. We started spending time and I visited his home many times. We worked in a retail shop for about 6 months and that helped us become more intimate.

George is now staying in the USA and we do not meet each other in person. But we have online communications and we often let each other know our updates.

How to answer this cue card?

You should speak about a person who became your friend accidentally  for this cue card. Usually, we have friends from our childhood, classes and locality but this cue card would be a bit different from the topic “Describe one of your friends”. This cue card expects you to talk about a person who became your friend for a reason and whom you met accidentally i.e. you helped him/ her at a time and later you became friends or can be opposite. However, the basic rules for describing this person would be very similar to describing a friend.

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