Describe a project or a piece of work you did together with someone.
You should say:
What it was?
What you have done?
Why you have chosen this person(s) to work with?
And explain what you did to finish the project.

Possible answer the above speaking cue card:

Currently, I am a student at a university and we have to do group assignments and presentations. I would like to tell you about the group assignment that I have done with one of my friends from the University.

Last semester we had a course on Company Law and one of the assessments for this course was an assignment. We have a case law and we needed to prepare an ILAC (Issue, Law, Application and Conclusion) for this case.

When we have to do a group work, usually, I start the initial part and take necessary initiatives. I try to prepare a draft that we might read, check and change later to make it more appropriate. when I complete this revision, we start our work. Also, at the same time, my teammates prepare their drafts in order to have some information to compare.

The project I am talking about was a university project on ILAC and I worked on it with the collaboration of another student of my class. His name was Michael. He and I come from the same city and study in the same university. I chose this person because he also studies very well at the university and was quite cooperative. Both of us are doing the same degree and the same majors (accounting and finance). I believe that it is important to have cooperative and active team members in a group project or assignment. People with the same goals and mindsets can work smoothly together and can perform better. Additionally, I respect this person and value him as a good friend and good student. One of the most important aspects, why I worked with this particular student, was that he was very supportive, intelligent, reliable.

We had to prepare for the project from the very beginning. Both Michael and I prepared our drafts and to-do list to set our goal. Afterwards, we had to read a lot of reference books and case studies to finish our projects. A lot of discussions, debates, and coffee were needed to finish our assignment. We were very glad to be awarded the grade 'A' for our assignment.

[Written by - Natalia Svetlova]

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