You will hear a tourist talking to a London Tour Company in order to organize a tour of the popular sights of London.

Questions 1 - 5

Customer Details:
They will be coming to London on (1)
He's going with his sister and his (2)

Tour Details:
Bus Tour
The cost is (3) £ for adults and (4)
£ for children

Tours start at 7am and finish at (5)

Questions 6-8

Choose TWO letters A-G.

6-8. Which three places does the tourist decide he's likely to see?
A Buckingham Palace
B Big Ben
C Harrods
D Houses of Parliament
E Hyde Park
F St Paul's Cathedral
G London Eye

Questions 9-10
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.
9. How will the tourist buy the tickets?

A By phone
B Online
C On the bus
10. How long before he leaves should he buy his tickets?
A 1 week
B 6 weeks
C 3 months

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