Questions 21 and 22
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21. Melanie says she has not started the assignment because
  1. she was doing work for another course.
  2. it was a really big assignment.
  3. she hasn’t spent time in the library.

22. The lecturer says that reasonable excuses for extensions are
  1. planning problems.
  2. problems with assignment deadlines.
  3. personal illness or accident.

Questions 23-27
What recommendations does Dr Johnson make about the journal articles?
Choose your answers from the box and write the letters AG next to questions 2327

A must read
B useful
C limited value
D read first section
E read research methods
F read conclusion
G don’t read

Jackson: 23.
Roberts: 24.
Morris: 25.
Cooper: 26.
Forster: 27.

Questions 28-30
Label the chart below.
Choose your answers from the box below and write the letters A-H next to questions 28-30.

Population studies.
Reasons for changing accommodation. 

IELTS Listening Test 10 - Section 3

Possible reasons
A uncooperative landlord
B environment
C space
D noisy neighbors
E near city
F work location
G transport
H rent

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