Question 1 of 40
As a club manager, you should stay in constant contact with what?

b.Your members
c.Front desk
d.All of the above

Question 2 of 40
What can you do to ensure your gym stays clean?

a.Spend 5 minutes cleaning equipment each hour
b.Hire a high-quality cleaning crew
c.Tell gym members to clean the equipment after they use it
d.Have your staffers spend about an hour at the end of each day cleaning the gym

Question 3 of 40
If someone says they can’t afford a gym membership, what should your response be?

a.Offer to cut them a deal on the initiation fee
b.Leave them alone; you don’t want to force someone into a financial arrangement they can’t afford
c.Offer to reduce their monthly payment
d.Tell them their health is the best investment they can make

Question 4 of 40
What should always be included in a customer file?

a.A complete medical history
b.Before pictures
c.The member’s goal list
d.Medical and liability releases

Question 5 of 40
What is one good source for less expensive equipment?

a.Resale shops
b.Places like Craigslist
c.”Trials” from manufacturers
d.All of the above

Question 6 of 40
A value club might be a welcome improvement to your suburban neighborhood, but a value club’s members can be _______?

d.Already in shape

Question 7 of 40
What one specific benefit should you always offer your employees?

a.Health care
c.Free membership
d.Paid vacation (even for part-time employees)

Question 8 of 40
Any employee who works for a gym should be physically fit.


Question 9 of 40
Your club should always have a sitting area, even if it’s just a small one inside the doors?


Question 10 of 40
One major disadvantage of a volume club is _______?

a.The need to keep longer hours
b.Wear and tear on the equipment
c.Your profit is lower
d.People prefer value clubs

Question 11 of 40
You should only keep your club open for as many hour as you, personally, can work.


Question 12 of 40
When you consider like clubs and their prices for memberships and their services, you should look in a variety of locales for comparisons.


Question 13 of 40
What percentage of Americans use credit cards?

d.More than 80%

Question 14 of 40
Having a website is a good idea, but not really necessary.


Question 15 of 40
What should your Club design focus on?

a.Something that people don’t really want to do
b.Something that people desperately want to do
c.Make people spend money on products and additional services
d.Make people join your gym

Question 16 of 40
Which of these can be the most beneficial to you as a club manager, but the most difficult to run?

a.Tanning salon
b.Juice bar
d.Climbing wall

Question 17 of 40
How can you encourage people to use automatic debit to pay for their monthly membership?

a.Offer a discount
b.Offer a free month per year
c.Make other forms of payment difficult
d.Charge a fee for other forms of payment

Question 18 of 40
It really doesn’t matter if you keep customer files on the computer or in paper form, as long as the system works for you and your employees.


Question 19 of 40
Why do you ask potential members to fill out a fitness profile?

a.To determine their level of fitness before they begin working out
b.To determine what they want and need out of your club
c.To get their contact information so you can reach them later
d.To determine if they are seriously interested in joining your club

Question 20 of 40
About what percentage of people in any given community will join a health club.


Question 21 of 40
How can you acquire equipment for your new club?

a.Purchase equipment
b.Lease equipment
c.Purchase used equipment
d.All of the above

Question 22 of 40
When should a potential member fill out their fitness profile?

a.After they have taken a tour of the club
b.Before they have taken a tour of the club
c.When they sign up for a club membership
d.When they have their first trainer workout

Question 23 of 40
If you were to follow the suggested list for equipment in the course, how much would you spend each month on the equipment leases?


Question 24 of 40
What one component can do more to improve the overall look of your club than any other?

c.Expensive equipment
d.Clean atmosphere

Question 25 of 40
As far as you are concerned, the best type of memberships are paid:

d.Whenever, as long as they are paid

Question 26 of 40
You should never assume that members of current clubs will switch clubs and join yours, even if yours is a better deal and  a better gym.


Question 27 of 40
Your front desk should be prepared to back you up on what?

a.Sales and promotion
b.Fixing equipment
c.Scheduling employees
d.Handling trainer schedules

Question 28 of 40
How should you advertise your gym?

a.Hope for word of mouth
b.Radio ads
c.Newspaper ads
d.As many free and low-cost promotions as possible

Question 29 of 40
Managing people is the same as leading them.


Question 30 of 40
Which methods of payment should you not accept?

b.Automatic debit
d.Credit card payments

Question 31 of 40
Which of these is not considered a “complimentary business” to your health club?

a.Smoothie shop
b.Sandwich shop
c.Coffee shop
d.Golf shop

Question 32 of 40
What unlikely question is fine to ask a potential health club employee?

a.Where did you last work?
b.Why do you want to work here?
c.What did you have for breakfast?
d.What is your experience and training?

Question 33 of 40
If you are an introvert, operating a health club might not be the best job for you.


Question 34 of 40
You should buy a domain name even if it will be awhile before you build your website.


Question 35 of 40
Which of these is not recommended as essential for your gym?

a.Stereo system
b.Cash register
c.Many mirrors

Question 36 of 40
What objection by a potential member is the easiest for you to deal with?

a.Not enough money
b.Want to think about it first
c.Need to ask husband/wife
d.Not enough time

Question 37 of 40
A medium-sized new club should have how many elliptical machines?


Question 38 of 40
What one inexpensive component can dramatically change the look of your club?

c.New equipment

Question 39 of 40
What is one of the main disadvantages to not keeping a trainer on staff (but choosing to use the contractor status instead)?

a.They might also work elsewhere
b.You can’t advertise “x trainers on staff!”
c.You can’t offer benefits
d.The trainer might leave and go somewhere else

Question 40 of 40
When you give a potential member a tour, what kinds of words should you use?

a.Any words that sell, sell, sell
b.Positive, uplifting words
c.Words that apply to things they are looking for in a gym
d.Words relevant to their age and vernacular

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