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Science has shown that we have a tendency to ar all so born with the capability to assume creatively. However, over time this capability appears to diminish and decline. Why is that? ar we have a tendency to doing one thing that naturally pushes our inventive style out of our daily lives? Or is it one thing that\'s done to US by others? Let’s take a glance at this in an exceedingly very little a lot of detail:

Expansion of power through Pre-School

For most folks, pre-school was an area wherever we have a tendency to preponderantly made merry and vie games. affirmative in fact, it absolutely was conjointly an area for learning, but the educational didn’t appear tough or arduous as a result of we have a tendency to were forever amused and concerned at intervals a myriad of activities that got our inventive juices flowing.

At pre-school we have a tendency to conjointly tended to not suffer from the strain, anxiety and overwhelm that riddles our life expertise these days. Why is that?

Maybe it absolutely was as a result of we have a tendency to had a childlike approach to each new sensory learning expertise. or even it absolutely was the encouragement, support and freedom for inventive style that led to our stress-free existence.

Decline of power through highschool

When we have a tendency to reach highschool we suddenly realize our inventive capability press against a wall of criticism, judgment and social control.

One of the largest drawbacks of our current highschool education system is in its inability to assist students develop and expand on their inventive capability.

Within the highschool system students ar admonished for his or her mistakes, they\'re judged for his or her thinking and process of knowledge, and that they ar criticized for his or her weaknesses. All of this ends up in a nerve-wracking learning setting that preponderantly provides cluster attention and limits learning to solely the visual and sense modality sensory organs.

Psychological studies have unconcealed that in pre-school nine out of each ten children show a capability for inventive thought. However, as they progress through to highschool, that range drops to three out of ten. What within the world is going on to our inventive capacity? What ar we have a tendency to doing wrong? however ar we have a tendency to symptom our children with our teaching methods?

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