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An effective convergent thinker should have means a method of managing and directive their thought method in an exceedingly proactive way. Likewise, they have to have some way of process and guiding every of their thoughts in an exceedingly neutral and unbiased manner that’s centered on up the effectiveness and potency of the method.

Within this section we will discuss every of the characteristics and attributes that provide birth to the Blue Thinking Hat. we will cut into into the roles, targets and objectives of a blue hat thinker, final a collection of queries that may assist you to assume a lot of managerially concerning your lifestyle issues and circumstances.


The nonliteral role of the blue hat is that the motion-picture show Director.

A motion-picture show director manages actors, cameramen, shooting angles, props, scripts and alternative factors that ar vital to making a self-made blockbuster motion-picture show expertise.

In exactly a similar manner a blue hat manages the thinking method permitting higher natural process between the thought patterns and habits of the opposite thinking hats.

Let’s take a glance at a number of the blue hat’s key roles in an exceedingly very little a lot of detail:

Think about Thinking

The primary role of the blue hat is to place confidence in the method of thinking.

Every thought that it is is concentrated on up the potency and effectiveness of the thinking method that filters through the opposite 5 hats. The power tool, quicker and enhanced this method becomes, the bigger the chance that a good answer to the matter are often found.

Define the matter

The blue hat should clearly outline the matter beneath question in writing. If you fail to outline the matter clearly and meticulously, then you may waste precious time directive your energies on irrelevant  thoughts and activities that solely result in dead-ends and guarantees of higher answers.

Gather world Perspective concerning drawback and answer

The blue hat is incredibly a lot of faraway from the matter and its connected solutions. It rather sitsback and plays the role of a court choose, WHO oversees the facts, arguments and opinions of each hat from a world perspective. It then uses these insights to make your mind up on an appropriate arrange of action that may facilitate nullify this drawback and set the course for a brighter destination.

Manage alternative Hats

The blue hat plays the a part of a manager taking care of the subordinates beneath its care. among this role, the blue hat helps to boost the flow of communication between all the hats, thereby encouraging higher insights and concepts that may create ideal solutions to the matter at hand.

Manage Time

The blue hat understands the importance of your time and the way vital it is to the effective management of the matter resolution method. As a result the blue hat plays the role of the timekeeper, by allocating specific chunks of your time to the opposite hats and to specific topics that ar necessary to create effective solutions to the matter at hand.

The blue hat is consciously aware in the least times that point is precious and may be spent with wisdom on areas that may create the very best thinking returns to assist overcome a haul with success.

Manage Flow of ideas

The blue hat's role is to operate and manage the flow of ideas between the hats with the best of potency.

The blue hat should with success piece along all of those scattered thoughts and grow them into one thing that may create a perfect answer to the matter at hand.

Each thinking hat includes a set of distinctive ideas, approaches and views. The blue hat should merge these distinctive thoughts in an exceedingly constructive manner, otherwise the thought method can stumble and stagnate within the face of adversity.

Manage Implementation of ideas

Unique and artistic ideas ar rattling, but unless we discover a method of group action them into our physical reality, then merely fail to understand the opportunities that are being given before U.S.. For this terribly reason, the blue hat’s final role is to manage the implementation of ideas by transferral them forth into the globe within the best and economical manner.


Throughout the matter resolution method, the blue hat includes a set of predefined objectives that it seeks to accomplish. By with success attaining these goals, it\'s higher able to synchronize it’s habitual thought patterns with the opposite thinking hats, thereby resulting in a a lot of economical and effective method of thinking that brings to lightweight a bigger array of solutions and opportunities.

Let’s take a glance at every of those objectives in an exceedingly very little a lot of detail:

Improve potency and Effectiveness of Thinking

The blue hat’s primary objective is to boost the potency and effectiveness of the thinking method. the higher it is able to manage the thinking of the opposite hats, the enhanced it will become with distinguishing key ideas and insights that might be vital for the matter resolution method.

Formulate appropriate inquiries to Direct Thinking

The blue hat understands that asking the proper styles of queries of every thinking hat can result in ideal answers and perceptive solutions, so serving to you overcome your issues a lot of effectively.

The blue hat should be clever in its approach to questioning. It should totally perceive deeply stimulate the thinking method of every thinking hat in an exceedingly way that may expand the chances of reality, whereas minimizing the non-public biases and limitations that every hat brings into the matter resolution method.

To Determine Agenda, Rules, Goals and Tasks

One of the blue hat’s primary goals is to line AN agenda for the thinking, to decide on the foundations of the discussion, and to effectively set tasks and objectives that may persistently drive the thinking method forward towards a perfect answer to the matter at hand.

To Organize ideas and Plans of Action

Finally the blue hat should collate all the ideas and thoughts brought forward by the opposite thinking hats, ANd formulate them along into a good arrange of action that may place an finish to the matter that is attempt your reality.

The a lot of totally it is able to piece along these spread thoughts and concepts, the a lot of ammunition it will have to be compelled to bring these plans to fruition.

 Questions to raise Yourself

Here could be a list of queries that may assist you suppose additional effectively concerning your existence issues and circumstances from a blue hat’s perspective.

Keep in mind that this list of queries is simply a start line that may facilitate guide you within the right direction. extra queries that you simply formulate by yourself ought to take under consideration every of the roles and objectives that area unit crucial to the mental attitude of a blue hat thinker.

What drawback am I facing?

However am i able to best outline this problem?

What is my goal and outcome?

What do I get to realize by determination this problem?

What is the foremost effective methodology of continuing from this position?

However am I able to best organize and organize my thinking to assist move American state on the far side my gift circumstances?

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