Question: 01
While opening Nib files, which of the following should not be ignored?

    a.     Objects in a Nib file typically have connections between them that should not be broken.
    b.     If Objects in a Nib file have broken connections, they should not be restored.
    c.     The size of the files.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 02
What type of value is assigned to the loc-args child property of alert property in an Apple Push Notification?

    a.     string
    b.     array of strings
    c.     number
    d.     dictionary

Question: 03
Which of the following properties of the GKSession class is read-only?

    a.     available
    b.     delegate
    c.     displayName
    d.     peerID
    e.     sessionID

Question: 04
Locking all connections before editing the Nib files can be achieved by using:

    a.     An option in the Start Menu.
    b.     An option in the Preferences panel of Interface Builder.
    c.     An option in the Preferences panel of Language Directory.
    d.     Any of the above.

Question: 05
When you send an object a retain message in Memory Management using Objective-C, what will happen?

    a.     Its retain count is incremented by 1.
    b.     Its retain count is decremented by 1.
    c.     Its retain count remains same.
    d.     Its retain count is set to 0.

Question: 06
Which of the following properties of the UIImage class affects the way the image data is displayed when drawn?

    a.     CGImage
    b.     leftCapWidth
    c.     imageOrientation
    d.     scale
    e.     size

Question: 07
What is the function of the Code Sense feature in Xcode?

    a.     Code Sense helps in switching between different circumstances such as development or release.
    b.     Code Sense maintains an index that contains important information for your project.
    c.     Code Sense creates a cache for the files which are being used frequently.
    d.     Code Sense maintains an index of files used in a project.

Question: 08
When using a Cocoa framework, what will all ControlEvents method of UIControl class return in case it fails to create the object?

    a.     failure to create
    b.     no object to return
    c.     status code 420
    d.     nil

Question: 09
Which of the following reasons will return a value of NO for the instance method startVideoCapture of class UIImagePickerController?

    a.     Movie capture is already in progress.
    b.     The device does not support movie capture.
    c.     The device is out of disk space.
    d.     All of the above

Question: 10
Which of the following animation class provides simple interpolation between values for a layer property?

    a.     CABasicAnimation
    b.     CAKeyframeAnimation
    c.     CATransition
    d.     CAAnimationGroup

Question: 11
If you want to rotate an object using Core Animation, in radians, in the z axis, which of the following key paths of a layer's CATransform3D matrix will you use?

    a.     rotation
    b.     rotation.xy
    c.     rotation.x
    d.     rotation.y
    e.     rotation.z

Question: 12
How much time in seconds will it take to display an animation if you have 60 images using UIImageView class for the property animationDuration?

    a.     1
    b.     2
    c.     10
    d.     15

Question: 13
You want to animate a layer's opacity to 0 while moving it further away in the layer. Which of the following code snippets will you use?

    a.     theLayer.opacity=0.0;
    b.     theLayer.opacity=0.0;
theLayer.zPosition= -100;
    c.     theLayer.opacity=0.0;
    d.     theLayer.opacity=1.0;

Question: 14
Which of the following types of audio files has NO size restriction?

    a.     AIFF
    b.     WAVE
    c.     CAF
    d.     All of the above have file size restrictions.

Question: 15
Which of the following properties of ADBannerView class are read-only?

    a.     bannerLoaded
    b.     currentContentSizeIdentifier
    c.     bannerViewActionInProgress
    d.     delegate
    e.     requiredContentSizeIdentifiers

Question: 16
Which of the following is NOT a parameter of function SecKeyDecrypt of the class SecCertificate in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     key
    b.     padding
    c.     cipherText
    d.     certificate

Question: 17
What happens if Xcode is not able to find a file or folder at the path defined for it in the project?

    a.     Xcode skips the file or the folder and continues execution.
    b.     Xcode gives an alert with a description of the missing file.
    c.     Xcode displays the item in red in the project window.

Question: 18
What is the default value of the borderColor property of the CALayer class?

    a.     0
    b.     nil
    c.     opaque black
    d.     dark black

Question: 19
Before editing the Nibs, one should:

    a.     Unlock all connections.
    b.     Lock all connections.
    c.     Break all connections.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 20
What is the default setting to refer to file locations in your Xcode project?

    a.     Relative to Build Product
    b.     Relative to Project
    c.     Relative to Enclosing Group
    d.     Relative to <source path>
    e.     Absolute Path

Question: 21
Which of the following are new features to have been introduced in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     Multitasking
    b.     Apple Push Notification Service
    c.     Local Notification
    d.     Gesture Recognizers

Question: 22
Which of the following directives are used to declare and define classes, categories, and protocols?

    a.     @interface
    b.     @implementation
    c.     @protocol
    d.     @class
    e.     @end

Question: 23
By default, is the search interface visible in the UISearchDisplayController class?

    a.     Yes
    b.     No

Question: 24
Which of the following statements is correct regarding functions fopen and open in generic C?

    a.     fopen returns an error if the file does exist.
    b.     fopen does not automatically create the file if it does not exist.
    c.     open returns an error if the file does exist.
    d.     open returns a file descriptor.

Question: 25
When your session becomes active, which of the following iPhone OS 4.0 audio session categories allows other audio to continue playing?

    a.     AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient
    b.     AVAudioSessionCategorySoloAmbient
    c.     AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback
    d.     AVAudioSessionCategoryRecord

Question: 26
Which of the following terms are related to Memory Management in Objective-C?

    a.     alloc
    b.     mutableCopy
    c.     delete
    d.     release

Question: 27
Which part of the HTTP Live Streaming is responsible for taking input streams of media and encoding them digitally?

    a.     Server component
    b.     Distribution component
    c.     Client software
    d.     None of the above

Question: 28
What is the functionality of the beta parameter of function catlas_caxpby in class cblas?

    a.     Input vector X
    b.     Input vector Y
    c.     Scaling factor for X
    d.     Scaling factor for Y

Question: 29
What is the datatype of the parameter inValidBitsPerChannel for the function CalculateLPCMFlags in CoreAudioTypes class in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     UInt32
    b.     bool
    c.     Float32
    d.     UInt64

Question: 30
Which of the following properties of the CAKeyframeAnimation class represents an optional array of NSNumber objects that define the duration of each keyframe segment?

    a.     path
    b.     keyTimes
    c.     rotationmode
    d.     continuityValues

Question: 31
If the code is written using the Core Foundation and Foundation macros, the simplest way to create strings files is:

    a.     Using an option in the Preferences panel of Interface Builder.
    b.     By merging the comments from the individual entries into one comment string.
    c.     By unlocking all connections.
    d.     By using the genstrings command-line tool.

Question: 32
Which Core Audio Service framework is used to record, play back, pause, loop, and synchronize audio in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     Audio Queue
    b.     Music Sequencing Services
    c.     Core Audio Clock
    d.     System Sound Services

Question: 33
What is the data type of extendStart parameter of function CGShadingCreateAxial of class CGShading?

    a.     CGFloat
    b.     CGPoint
    c.     bool
    d.     CGFunctionRef
    e.     int

Question: 34
Which of the following languages can be used to write the code for Xcode projects?

    a.     C
    b.     C++
    c.     Objective-C
    d.     Objective-C++
    e.     Java

Question: 35
Which of the following debugging tasks are provided by Xcode to find and squash bugs in your code?

    a.     Add and set breakpoints.
    b.     View your call stack per thread.
    c.     View the value of variables by hovering the mouse pointer over them.
    d.     Execute a single line of code.
    e.     All of the above

Question: 36
What is the default value of allowsEditing property of UIImagePickerController class in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     NO
    b.     YES
    c.     enable
    d.     disable

Question: 37
Which of the following are the Derivative types defined in Objective-C?

    a.     short
    b.     long
    c.     long long
    d.     int

Question: 38
When the genstrings tool discovers a key string used more than once in a single strings file, it:

    a.     deletes the comments from the individual entries and leaves one comment string without generating a warning.
    b.     merges the comments from the individual entries into one comment string and generates a warning.
    c.     differentiates the comments from the individual entries into various strings and generates a warning.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 39
Which of the following statements regarding Objective-C are correct?

    a.     In Objective-C, the keyword for NULL is nil.
    b.     In Objective-C, #import and #include compiler directives carry out the same operations.
    c.     In Objective-C, for the object-oriented constructs (such as method return values), id is the default data type.
    d.     The keyword nil has an id with a value of 0.

Question: 40
Which symbol is used as a syntactic marker for blocks of code in iPhone OS 4.0?

    a.     ~
    b.     $
    c.     ^
    d.     *

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