Question: 01
Jack is sleeping.

Which statement/ statements among the following is/are necessary to justify the statement?

1)Jack is in bed.
2)It is afternoon.
3)Everyone lying on the bed is sleeping.

    a.     1 & 2
    b.     2 & 3
    c.     1 & 3

Question: 02
In a class, there are 8 students: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W.

P is taller than Q, but shorter than R.
Q is shorter than S, but taller than T.
U is shorter than P, but taller than Q.
V is taller than S, but shorter than U.
W is shorter than Q.

Which one of the following would be true?

    a.     U is taller than S.
    b.     W is taller than S.
    c.     W is the shortest of all.
    d.     T is taller than W.

Question: 03
A certain code word uses numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The numbers are written from left to right. The numbers correspond to the following conditions:

1)The code word can contain a minimum of two numbers. The numbers can be the same or different.
2)1 cannot be the first number in the code word.
3)If 2 occurs, it should occur more than once.
4 3 cannot be the last number in the word nor can it be next to last.
5)If 1 occurs, 4 must also occur.
6)If 2 does not occur, 5 too cannot occur.

Which of the following is the code word?

    a.     1224
    b.     2532
    c.     3225
    d.     4315
    e.     5413

Question: 04
Five people, P, Q, R, S and T are appearing in an interview. The order in which they will be called for the interview is fixed. P will be called before R, Q before S and T before P. Which among the following is the correct sequence in which they would attend the interview?

    a.     P, R, Q, S, T
    b.     P, R, S, T, Q
    c.     Q, R, P, T, S
    d.     Q, S, T, P, R

Question: 05
There are six floors in a building from the first floor to the top floor. No two people can live on the same floor.

P lives two floors below M.
S lives on the floor above N.
Only one floor is vacant.

If P lives on the second floor, which of the following would be true?

    a.     S lives on the third floor.
    b.     M lives on the fifth floor.
    c.     N lives on the floor above M.

Question: 06
Graffitiing and speechmaking on public property should be banned. Anarchists and fundamentalists have no right to use public property to disseminate their nasty views.

The above argument assumes that:

    a.     anarchists and fundamentalists always use public property to disseminate their ideas.
    b.     legal restrictions may apply to a select group.
    c.     those who indulge in graffitiing and speechmaking on public property are anarchists and fundamentalists.
    d.     law should not extend protection to those who create disorder.

Question: 07
Six people, P, Q, R, S, T and V, run a marathon.

Q does not win.
Two runners separate T and S.
P is running behind S and T.
Q is running ahead of T and there is one runner in between the two of them.
V is running ahead of S.

How many runners separate P and V?

    a.     5
    b.     4
    c.     3
    d.     2
    e.     1

Question: 08
In a game, Peter places seven marbles adjacently in a row.

Two marbles are red in color.
Two blue colored marbles are adjacent to the same red marble.
There is one pink colored marble.
There are two white colored marbles but they are not placed adjacent to each other.
One of the red colored marbles is place at one end of the row.

If the pink colored marble is placed at the other end of the row, where is the second red colored marble?

    a.     In the second place.
    b.     In the third place.
    c.     In the fourth place.
    d.     In the seventh place.

Question: 09
There are three security guards, A, B and C appointed to guard a jewellery shop under the following conditions:

No security guard is called to work for three consecutive days.

A has his off on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
B has his off on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
C has his off on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

On which day of the week do all of them work together?

    a.     Sunday
    b.     Saturday
    c.     Friday
    d.     Tuesday

Question: 10
Students of a college who are excused from attending the public speaking class are better orators than those who take the course. Thus we can improve public speaking skills of students by cancelling the public speaking course.

The flaw in the reasoning used in the above argument is that the writer:

    a.     gives no evidence for his conclusion.
    b.     is expressing a subjective view.
    c.     assumes all public speaking courses to be alike.
    d.     confuses cause and effect.

Question: 11
For his highly confidential project, Professor Mark Philip is trying to make a team comprising four doctors - two males and two females.

Peter, Jack, Martin and Steve are male doctors.
Mary, Rosy and Stephanie are female doctors.
Peter and Jack do not work together.
Rosy and Peter refuse to work together.
Martin and Stephanie cannot work together.

If Jack is made a member of the team, who among the following must be the other three members of the team?

    a.     Mary, Rosy and Peter
    b.     Mary, Stephanie and Martin
    c.     Mary, Stephanie and Peter
    d.     Mary, Rosy and Steve

Question: 12
It is widely accepted that sports players are unconcerned about the environmental hazards. But this opinion is not true. A study recently conducted indicated that 75 percent of the 5000 players interviewed revealed a high level of interest in environmental hazards. If this conclusion is true, which among the following would not favor it?

    a.     There was no proof whether the interviewed players had any previous experience in dealing with environmental hazards.
    b.     Players who are interested in dealing with environmental hazards were more likely to give the interview.
    c.     The players were interviewed without regard to their experience.
    d.     Since the time the players were interviewed, many developments have been taking place in dealing with environmental hazards.
    e.     A government organization concerned with environmental hazards conducted the study.

Question: 13
There are three people, A, B and C. They are to share a cake equally. They cut the cake into equal pieces. After each one of them finish eating 4 pieces of the cake, the total number of the remaining pieces of the cake is equal to that to which every person was entitled. Calculate the number of pieces into which the cake was cut?

    a.     24
    b.     18
    c.     28
    d.     36

Question: 14
A, B, C and D are four people.

1)A is the son of B.
2)B is the daughter of C.
3)C is the mother of D.

Which among the following is true?

    a.     B and D are brothers.
    b.     D is the father of A.
    c.     A and D are brothers.
    d.     B is the sister of D

Question: 15
A survey recently conducted revealed that the consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. The survey found that, on an average, men drank 75% of the total alcohol and women 25% during the last five years.

Which question out of the following will be the most appropriate in evaluating the given statement?

    a.     Why is the time of the survey 5 years and not more or less?
    b.     Did any of the men die after consuming alcohol?
    c.     When the survey was conducted, did women drink more alcohol than men?
    d.     What has been the ratio of the males consuming alcohol to the females doing so during the last five years?

Question: 16
A teacher categorizes five students, P, Q, R, S and T. She comes up with the following conclusions:

All Ps are Qs.
All Qs Are Rs.
Some Ss are Ps.
All Ss are Qs.
No Ts are Rs.

Which one of the following is/are true?

    a.     All Rs are Ps.
    b.     Some Ts are Qs.
    c.     All Ps are Ss.
    d.     No Qs are Ts.
    e.     Some Ts are Ps.

Question: 17
Four men Rory, Stephen, Tony and Ulrich are married to Rachel, Sarah, Teri and Ursa. The couples live in Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.

The first letters of the names of men and their wives, and the states in which they live does not match.
Sarah is not married to Rory.
Stephen does not live in Rhode Island or Utah and is not Rachel's husband.
Ulrich and Teri does not live in South Dakota.

Who is Rory married to?

    a.     Rachel
    b.     Sarah
    c.     Teri
    d.     Ursa

Question: 18
Read the statements below:

P can speak English and Spanish.
Q can speak English and French.
R can speak French and Spanish.
S can speak German and English.
T, a Spaniard, can also speak German.

Who among the following cannot have a conversation without an interpreter?

    a.     P and R
    b.     Q and S
    c.     Q and T
    d.     P and T

Question: 19
Four lions, P, Q, R and S, and four tigers, L, M, N and O are being transferred from a wild life sanctuary. They are being transferred in two special animal transport vehicles. Each vehicle can hold four animals and keeping the animals in the vehicle follows the following conditions:

There are exactly two lions and two tigers in each vehicle.
Either P or Q, but not both, can be kept in the first vehicle.
If L is in the first vehicle, R must also be in the first vehicle.
If N is in the first vehicle, Q cannot be in the first vehicle.
If Q is in the first vehicle, which of the other three animals are kept along with Q?

    a.     P, M and O
    b.     R, S and L
    c.     R, L and M
    d.     R, M and N
    e.     S, L and O

Question: 20
A train stops at six different stations on its route. After the train leaves the sixth station, it returns to the first station and repeats the cycle. The stations are located in six cities and are named A, B, C, D, E and F. E is the third station. B is the sixth. Station D comes before station F. Station C comes before station A. If C is the fourth station, which station among the following should come first before it?

    a.     D
    b.     E
    c.     C
    d.     A
    e.     B

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