Question: 01
The font-family property is used to specify a:

    a.     family name
    b.     generic family
    c.     family name and/or generic family

Question: 02
Your webpage contains several unordered lists:

    Item A
    Item B
    Item C
    Item D
    Item E
    Item F
    Item G

The style sheet for these lists is: ul {list-style-type: disc}

Due to some reason, you now want all the unordered list items to be numbered. What minimum change in your CSS/HTML will do this?

    a.     Replace all ul with ol in the HTML page
    b.     Set list-style-type:number in the CSS
    c.     Set list-style-type:decimal in the CSS
    d.     Set list-style-type:integer in the CSS

Question: 03
You defined a style to left align the text: left {text-align: left}

Select the correct statement:

    a.     The style can be applied to any element in the HTML page
    b.     The style can be applied using the ID attribute
    c.     The style can be applied using the class attribute
    d.     The style is incomplete without a prefixed element tag name

Question: 04
Which of the following is not true for a style sheet?

    a.     A style sheet defines how an HTML element will be displayed
    b.     Internal and external style sheets cannot be used together
    c.     Multiple style definitions will cascade into one
    d.     The same style sheet can be used by many HTML pages

Question: 05
You are designing a web site and need to set the background image for all the web pages. You want a small background image to repeat and fill up the whole background. Which of the following body styles is ideal for this?

    a.     body{ background: url(/images/bg.gif);
repeat: repeat-x }
    b.     body{ background: url(/images/bg.gif);
repeat: repeat-y }
    c.     body{ background-image: url(/images/bg.gif);
background -repeat: no-repeat }
    d.     body { background-image: url(images/bg.gif);background-repeat: repeat}

Question: 06
which of the following properties specifies the minimum number of lines of a paragraph that must be left at the bottom of a page?

    a.     orphans
    b.     widows
    c.     bottom
    d.     overflow
    e.     None of the above

Question: 07
When would you prefer to use the @import technique for applying a style sheet to your web page?

    a.     When you are creating pages for older versions of Netscape Navigator
    b.     When you don't want older browsers like IE4 or Netscape 4 to use the style sheet
    c.     When you want to include a css file in another css file
    d.     There is no such technique available for applying style sheets

Question: 08
Which style property can be used to display only some part of an image?

    a.     snap
    b.     clip
    c.     scroll
    d.     visible

Question: 09
Read the following statements: Statement 1:Vertical margins between a floated box and any other box do not collapse. Statement 2:Margins of absolutely and relatively positioned boxes collapse.

Which of the following is correct?

    a.     Statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is incorrect
    b.     Statement 2 is correct but statement 1 is incorrect
    c.     Both statements are correct
    d.     Both statements are incorrect

Question: 10
Which of the following font properties deals with aspect value?

    a.     font-weight
    b.     font-variant
    c.     font-size-adjust
    d.     font-size

Question: 11
How will you link a style sheet named "ssa.css" in your web page?

    a.     <import name=''stylesheet'' url=''ssa.css''>
    b.     <link rel=''stylesheet'' type=''text/css'' href="ssa.css">
    c.     <style name=''stylesheet'' url=''ssa.css''>

Question: 12
Which of the following options regarding page media groups is wrong?

    a.     continuous/paged
    b.     visual/audio/speech/tactile
    c.     grid/bitmap
    d.     dynamic/interactive/static

Question: 13
Which of the following is correct?

    a.     blockquote { text-padding: 2em 4em 5em }
    b.     blockquote { padding-x: 2em 4em 5em }
    c.     blockquote { padding-y: 2em 4em 5em }
    d.     blockquote { padding: 2em 4em 5em }

Question: 14
Which of the following is not a valid text-decoration option?

    a.     text-decoration:line-through
    b.     text-decoration:in-line
    c.     text-decoration:overline
    d.     text-decoration:underline
    e.     text-decoration:none

Question: 15
You defined two styles as follows:

 td.right {text-align: right}
 td.left {text-align: left}

Which of the following is the right way to use them in an HTML page?

    a.     <td class="td.right">Some Text</td>
    b.     <td class="right" class="left">Some Text</td>
    c.     <td class="td.left" class="td.right">Some Text</td>
    d.     <td class="right">Some Text</td>

Question: 16
Is it possible to force a style definition in a linked stylesheet to over-ride an in-line style definition?

    a.     Yes
    b.     No

Question: 17
Which of the following does not apply to external styles?

    a.     Clean Separation of Design & Content
    b.     Minimal Code Duplication
    c.     Highest priority
    d.     Reduces page download time

Question: 18
Which style will always be over-ridden if you are using style definitions in the <head> tag, linked stylesheets using the <link..> tag and imported stylesheets using the @import method, provided same the style is defined using each of these techniques.

    a.     The in-line style
    b.     The style definition in the tag
    c.     The linked stylesheet
    d.     The imported stylesheet @import

Question: 19
Which of the following is true for a class selector?

    a.     It uses a hash as the separator symbol
    b.     It applies the style to only the first element defined with that style
    c.     It applies the style to only the last element defined with that style
    d.     It applies the style to all the elements defined with that style

Question: 20
Consider the following font definition:
font-weight: bold

What is the other way of getting the same result?

    a.     font-weight:b
    b.     font-weight:bolder
    c.     font-weight:bld
    d.     font-weight:700

Question: 21
Which of the following are valid css text properties in CSS2.0?

    a.     direction
    b.     text-transform
    c.     text-indent
    d.     text-height

Question: 22
You are fetching customer names from a database. The names in the database are mostly in lowercase. What is the name of the text property which will facilitate capitalization of these names?

    a.     text-mode
    b.     text-transform
    c.     text-decoration
    d.     text-shadow
    e.     text-case

Question: 23
Which of the following is not a valid page break?

    a.     page-break-inside
    b.     page-break-outside
    c.     page-break-before
    d.     page-break-after

Question: 24
You have defined a p tag style as follows:

color: #ff0000;
font-variant: small-caps

You want the above style to work only on the first line of the paragraph. What modification will you make to the style definition?

    a.     p:first-only
    b.     p:first-line
    c.     p.first-line
    d.     p:first

Question: 25
You want to display a list of items on your webpage using the <li> tag, instead of bullets. You want each list element to be marked by roman numbering, Which style will you use?

    a.     list-style
    b.     list-style-type
    c.     list-marker
    d.     list-style-marker
    e.     list-bullet
    f.     list-style-bullet

Question: 26
Read the following code:

background: white url("bar.gif");
background-repeat: repeat-y;
background-position: center;

What will be the output of this code?

    a.     Image bar.gif will be tiled vertically in the background in the center of the page.
    b.     Image bar.gif will be tiled horizontally in the background in the center of the page
    c.     Image bar.gif will be displayed in the center of the page
    d.     Image bar.gif will be stretched in the center of the page

Question: 27
Which of the following is not a valid list property?

    a.     list-style-type
    b.     list-style-position
    c.     list-style-image
    d.     list-style-align

Question: 28
You want to define the same media style for both print and screen media. Which of the following is the correct structure for the style?

    a.     @media screen, print {{font-weight:bold}  }
    b.     .media screen, print {{font-weight:bold}  }
    c.     .media screen print {{font-weight:bold}  }
    d.     #media screen, print {{font-weight:bold}  }

Question: 29
Which of the following is not a pseudo class?

    a.     link
    b.     active
    c.     lang
    d.     ins

Question: 30
Paged media differ from continuous media in that the content of the document is divided into one or more pages. When you set the dimensions, which of the following will be applied?

    a.     The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box minus the margin area.
    b.     The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box plus the margin area.
    c.     The dimensions of the page area are the dimensions of the page box and margin area does not affect it.
    d.     None of the above

Question: 31
How will you display text as a superscript?

    a.     vertical-align: super
    b.     vertical-align: superscript
    c.     vertical-align: top

Question: 32
Which of the following border styles is not correct?

    a.     border-style : ridge
    b.     border-style : outset
    c.     border-style : dotted
    d.     border-style : matted

Question: 33
Which of the following is not a valid property of an aural style sheet?

    a.     cue
    b.     voice-family
    c.     loud
    d.     speak
    e.     All of the above are valid.

Question: 34
Which of the following statement is correct?

    a.     When using CSS, positioning can be absolute, relative or dynamic
    b.     The float property for text/images can be left, right or center
    c.     The values for visibility can be true or false
    d.     The display property sets how an element is displayed

Question: 35
The 'font-stretch' property selects a normal, condensed, or extended face from a font family. Which of the following keyword values are incorrect?

    a.     extra-condensed
    b.     condensed
    c.     micro-condensed
    d.     extra-expanded
    e.     macro-expanded

Question: 36
Background-position sets the position of the background image. What happens if its value is 0%0%?

    a.     Image will have zero width and height so it will be hidden.
    b.     Image will be positioned at the upper left corner.
    c.     Image will be positioned at the lower right corner
    d.     None of the above

Question: 37
Which of the following cursor types is not valid?

    a.     wait
    b.     pointer
    c.     text
    d.     image

Question: 38
Which of the following is not a correct keyword value for the display property?

    a.     expanded
    b.     inline-table
    c.     table-row
    d.     table-column-group

Question: 39
You defined some links as follows:

a:link {color: green}
a:visited {color: blue}
a:hover {color: red}
a:active {color: black}

What will be the color, when the mouse goes over a link?

    a.     Green
    b.     Blue
    c.     Red
    d.     Black

Question: 40
The following is a style definition:

BODY {background: url('banner.jpeg') right top}

What is the percentage of the background-position?

    a.     0% 0%
    b.     0% 100%
    c.     100% 0%
    d.     100% 100%

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