Question: 01
Which of the following is the term used for the collective blogging intelligentsia, namely the most influential bloggers online by page rank owing to their high traffic count?

    a.     Glamorati
    b.     Hoi polloi
    c.     Rich and reckless
    d.     Beautiful and damned
    e.     Blogerati

Question: 02
What are "FAQs"?

    a.     First Asked Queries
    b.     First Answered Questions
    c.     Fast Attitude Queries
    d.     Frequently Asked Questions
    e.     All of the above

Question: 03
What is a "plagiarism warning banner?"

    a.     A banner e-mailed to you by a potential plagiarist to warn you of their potential copying of your site
    b.     A banner you place on your site or blog to deter potential plagiarists
    c.     A government service that bans plagiarists from the Web with an official warning, usually a letter to their home address
    d.     None of the above

Question: 04
What are "blooks"?

    a.     Books that are written by bloggers and generally grow out of their blogs
    b.     People who like to blog
    c.     People who promote their blogs on the inside pages of a book
    d.     All of the above

Question: 05
If you're writing an article about the automotive industry, which of the following would be the best way of promoting your article?

    a.     Adding internal links within your blog that cross-reference the article
    b.     Adding highly specific keywords to your pages that reference aspects of the automotive industry
    c.     Contacting other automotive industry blogs and websites offering a link-exchange
    d.     All of the above

Question: 06
What is the "useful but incomplete" approach in terms of promoting your product in an online article or so-called e-zine?

    a.     Making your product useful but leaving the article incomplete with no way of linking to your site
    b.     Making your product incomplete and the article useful
    c.     Making the article useful but leaving it incomplete so the market is enticed but has to follow your link to learn more
    d.     Making the article complete and the product useful so that there's no need to find out more

Question: 07
What is a "metablog"?

    a.     A highly personal, if not confessional, blog
    b.     A blog about metal
    c.     A blog devoted to explaining "metas"
    d.     A blog about blogging

Question: 08
Which of the following is the most effective idea for creating a target audience that returns again and again to your blog?

    a.     Make individual postings long as the more the information, the better it is.
    b.     Re-read and be your own editor, always removing unnecessary words and phrases; keep your postings relatively short and post regularly
    c.     Regularly change the colors of your blog to entertain your readership
    d.     Add a certain randomness to your external links so the audience never quite knows where the links may lead – it's more exciting

Question: 09
In terms of keywords for promoting a website about global money, which of the following groups would be the best choice?

    a.     Football, shopping, racing, gardening
    b.     10c, 5c, dollar, 50c, quarter
    c.     The World Bank, the Olympics, the US government, the UEFA Cup
    d.     Dollar, yen, pound sterling, exchange rate

Question: 10
What are "article submission sites"?

    a.     Databases of stored articles awaiting approval from a CEO
    b.     Sites that help submit articles you have written about your product for online publication so you don't have to spend valuable time sending out your articles individually
    c.     Sites where you can buy articles and adapt them to a target audience and focus them on your market
    d.     Usually scam sites that promise huge marketing distribution around the internet

Question: 11
Which of the following is a good approach to planning to write a blog posting?

    a.     Source content, write draft, save, post to blog
    b.     Idea, source content, post to blog, read
    c.     Idea, source content, write draft, save, read and edit, post to blog
    d.     Write draft, edit, post to blog, read and edit later

Question: 12
Why is it important to make regular postings – if not daily postings – to your blog?

    a.     To encourage a regular readership, returning traffic, and so web robots can see your blog is regularly active
    b.     It isn't – making daily postings can be harmful to your blog
    c.     Otherwise it will be unplugged by the blog service provider
    d.     None of the above

Question: 13
Can you sell your copyright?

    a.     Yes, by licensing it according to territory and time
    b.     No, it remains yours always
    c.     Yes, but only in certain places, and for lengths of time up to 140 years after your death
    d.     Yes, so long as someone changes his/her name to your name

Question: 14
Why is it sometimes a good idea to create a blog independently with a host other than a free blog hosting service such as the Blogger?

    a.     You can add more intelligent interactivity such as widgets, site design, custom URLs etc
    b.     You can then have two blogs and disconnect your old one
    c.     You will be able to keep the old free service
    d.     You will automatically get more traffic

Question: 15
What is "podcasting"?

    a.     Making the entire blog available in a single downloadable file
    b.     Redirecting traffic through a portal hidden on the blog called a "pod"
    c.     Distribution of audio and other media files for download to digital music or multimedia players such as iPods
    d.     Mass e-mailing for marketing purposes to promote several blogs at the same time

Question: 16
What are "subsidiary rights" if your blog becomes successful enough to receive an offer of publication in print?

    a.     All rights originally held by the author
    b.     Translation rights
    c.     All secondary rights sold by the agent or publisher, such as volume rights, audio rights, film and T.V. rights, book club rights, paperback rights etc.
    d.     Rights that the author always retains and that cannot be licensed

Question: 17
How should you change your writing style (when writing about the university application process)if you're writing for student applicants rather than their parents?

    a.     Use italics for the parents, and bold print for the students
    b.     No changes are necessary: never change the complexity of your writing
    c.     You should write a style for the parents only, as they are more important
    d.     You should write a style for the students only, as they are more important
    e.     You should vary the information, your voice, advice, recommendations, so that it should be read by both students and parents equally successfully

Question: 18
What is "blogosphere

    a.     The hole in the internet through which blogs can fall
    b.     The blogs in a given area such as a street, county or country
    c.     The collective content of the blogs worldwide
    d.     Blog companies that group together and buy smaller blogs
    e.     None of the above

Question: 19
If your website sells golf equipment, your promotional articles should be written about _________?

    a.     good golf courses
    b.     caddies
    c.     sport in general
    d.     the best clubs to use at certain times
    e.     All of the above

Question: 20
Which of the following features will increase the likelihood of a reader staying longer on your blog?

    a.     Having mostly text rather than pictures, slide shows or other interactive content
    b.     Using external links to generate the new page as a pop-up window rather than going directly to the new site
    c.     Offering links to great promotional deals on other sites

Question: 21
Is it a good idea to have two blogs with the same content to try and increase traffic?

    a.     No, as search engines such as Google will most likely list only one blog which may not be your preference
    b.     Yes, two blogs, even with the same content, will most likely double your traffic on the web
    c.     Yes, and to have three would be still better
    d.     No, because search engines will be advised to close down one, if not both, of your blogs

Question: 22
Which of the following are good ways of protecting your online content?

    a.     Searching for the plagiarists of your content
    b.     Embedding your images
    c.     Potentially encrypting your HTML
    d.     Joining a plagiarism forum
    e.     All of the above

Question: 23
What is a "feed aggregator" or "feed reader"?

    a.     An online bug or virus that "feeds" on your blog and destroys content
    b.     A Web application which collects web content such as news, blogs, podcasts and vlogs for easy viewing in a single location
    c.     A Web application that links your blog to other blogs for which you always pay a fee
    d.     A third generation blogger who is addicted to blogging
    e.     None of the above

Question: 24
What distinguishes a blog from a website?

    a.     Postings that occur according to a timeline that is updated so old posts can be traced
    b.     More content
    c.     Flashier images
    d.     Contact details
    e.     More professional content

Question: 25
What is a "bye-line"?

    a.     The text at the end of a post that identifies the poster, and a play on "byline", used to identify the writer of a newspaper article
    b.     The headline
    c.     The secondary headline
    d.     b and c
    e.     None of the above

Question: 26
Which of the following techniques can provide increased credibility to an article?

    a.     A signature at the end of the posting
    b.     More links than words in a single posting
    c.     External links to other sites combined with sophisticated quality content
    d.     A self-appointed writing on the subject

Question: 27
The removal of the copyright tag-line means the work is no longer protected by copyright.

    a.     True
    b.     False

Question: 28
What can you do to make your articles more appealing to online readers?

    a.     Create external links and quality posts
    b.     Add a message board and / or chat room to encourage interactivity
    c.     Increase the product or site image / professional branding
    d.     All of the above

Question: 29
What are "Google alerts"?

    a.     A ringtone from Google
    b.     A doorbell as a prize for being a loyal Google customer
    c.     Pinging of your website by Google every time you use Yahoo and MSN instead of using Google
    d.     A system where Google e-mails you the results of your pre-arranged search terms on a regular basis to stir your thoughts about writing blog content

Question: 30
What is a "CEOBlog"?

    a.     A social networking blog
    b.     A blog that has been unplugged by a corporation during a hostile takeover
    c.     A group blog
    d.     A blog written using a "stream of consciousness" writing style
    e.     A blog maintained by a Chief Executive Officer

Question: 31
There's little need to copy text before trying to publish it to the web because you rarely lose the text at the time of publication.

    a.     True
    b.     False

Question: 32
What will happen if you type the words "sport-basketball" in the Google search box?

    a.     Google will find all the web pages containing the words "sport" and "basketball"
    b.     Google will find the web pages about "sport" and also those containing the word "basketball"
    c.     Google will find the web pages about "sport" that do not contain the word "basketball"
    d.     Google will find all the web pages in which the words "sport" and "basketball" appear together
    e.     None of the above

Question: 33
Which of the following are good techniques for building a greater business audience for your blog?

    a.     Create multiple links with local business community
    b.     Create a link with the local library website
    c.     Partner with non-competing businesses
    d.     Have business cards printed
    e.     All of the above

Question: 34
What is 'placing of keywords in the important parts of a webpage so that search engines may give them priority' called?

    a.     Keyword prominence
    b.     Optimization guesswork
    c.     Partial selection
    d.     Keyword density

Question: 35
Which of the following are most important when optimizing content for search engines?

    a.     Regular updating of your blog
    b.     Making sure your URL is simple
    c.     Adding keywords, tags, metatags and having quality content and regular updating
    d.     Having quality content

Question: 36
What is "fair use" in terms of using someone else's copyright online?

    a.     A system where copyright is exchanged between the original owner and the blogger who co-opts it
    b.     A term used by the prosecutor to convict a blogger who repeatedly infringes his/her copyright
    c.     A defense argument that an individual who is sued for copyright infringement can use, namely that the use of the material was in public interest
    d.     None of the above

Question: 37
Fooling the search engines with link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking or alt text spamming is not a good idea because _____________________ ?

    a.     it is an offense in most countries
    b.     the search engines may restrict your site or future listings, or ban you altogether
    c.     it could reduce the traffic to your blog
    d.     All of the above

Question: 38
What does the term "spomment" refer to in the blogosphere?

    a.     Special comments
    b.     Spam on a posting
    c.     Comment spam
    d.     Tiny gremlins inside the computer system
    e.     All of the above

Question: 39
What does "SEO" stand for?

    a.     Sequeway Even Offered
    b.     Service Engine Oriented
    c.     Second Executive Officer
    d.     Search Engine Optimization

Question: 40
What is the common rule for taking images from the web and using them on your blog or website?

    a.     Check to see if these are freely available, and if so, proceed; otherwise contact the copyright holder or blog/site manager for permission
    b.     Take whatever you like from any site by right clicking and saving the image
    c.     a and b
    d.     None of the above

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