Question: 01
How do you insert a sound file in a Microsoft Word 2007 document?

    a.     Go to the Insert tab -> Select the Object menu option
    b.     Go to the Insert tab -> Select the Sound menu option
    c.     Go to the Insert tab -> Select the File menu option
    d.     By right-clicking on the document and choosing the "Add sound" option

Question: 02
In Microsoft Excel, you select the row headings 10, 11, and 12 and then choose the menu option Insert -> Rows. What will happen?

    a.     Three new rows will be inserted after row 12.
    b.     One new row will be inserted after row 12.
    c.     Three new rows will be inserted after row 9.
    d.     One new row will be inserted after row 9.

Question: 03
What are screen shots?

    a.     Graphics of computer screens that are captured to be inserted in a technical document
    b.     Pictures that are downloaded from the Internet and inserted in a document, for instance, to help illustrate the instruction manual
    c.     Graphics that are created by a designer as an illustrated step-by-step manual
    d.     All of the above

Question: 04
A legal violation of a copyright could be a(n) ___________?

    a.     Social matter
    b.     Criminal matter
    c.     Political matter
    d.     Civil matter
    e.     Academic matter

Question: 05
A PDF file can be viewed if ____________ is installed.

    a.     Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
    b.     Adobe Acrobat Reader
    c.     Macromedia Flash MX
    d.     WinRAR Archiver

Question: 06
Choose the correct sentence:

    a.     Unless the world controls its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another.
    b.     Unless the world does not control its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another.
    c.     Unless the world controls its population, till then mankind will continue to face one problem after another.
    d.     Unless the world fails to control its population, mankind will continue to face one problem after another.

Question: 07
An "Executive Summary" can be part of a:

    a.     Business Proposal
    b.     Control Plan
    c.     Investment Plan
    d.     Business Plan

Question: 08
Which of the following statement(s) is/are true about Technical Evaluation Reports?

    a.     The Evaluation report is also called the feasibility report.
    b.     The Evaluation report mentions whether the proposed method is practically and logically possible or not.
    c.     The Evaluation report always recommends the company to use the proposed method.

Question: 09
Which of the following can you include in a Progress Report?

    a.     What work remains to be done
    b.     How much time it will take to complete the work
    c.     How the previous project was progressing
    d.     The success level of previously undertaken projects

Question: 10
Which of the following works are not protected?

    a.     Literary works
    b.     Standard calendars
    c.     Height and weight charts
    d.     Motion pictures

Question: 11
Which of the following sentences/options describes an "index?"

    a.     Product names and technical terminology that are included in a document
    b.     A method of accessing the information that is included in the document
    c.     An ordered list of words and phrases

Question: 12
What does the term "Glossary" mean?

    a.     An ordered list of phrases.
    b.     An alphabetic list of words and phrases in which each word or phrase is defined.
    c.     An unordered list of words and phrases.

Question: 13
Choose the correct pronouns to fill in the blanks.

Let ______ all go for a walk except ______, because ______ is so tired.

    a.     we, she, she
    b.     us, her, she
    c.     us, she, she
    d.     we, her, she

Question: 14
What does a circle indicate in a flowchart?

    a.     It indicates that a particular step is connected with some other parts of a program
    b.     It indicates the beginning of the process.
    c.     It indicates a decision to be taken in the process.
    d.     It indicates a linear flow of the process.

Question: 15
State whether true or false:

A person's work is only recognized as original if it has a copyright notice attached.

    a.     True
    b.     False

Question: 16
The __________ abstract should include all the important sections of the report.

    a.     garrulous
    b.     feasibility
    c.     descriptive
    d.     informative

Question: 17
PDF is an acronym for:

    a.     Protected Document Format
    b.     Portable Data File
    c.     Portable Document Formatting
    d.     Portable Document Format

Question: 18
State whether true or false:

A Table of Contents is the same as an Index.

    a.     True
    b.     False

Question: 19
What should you do to avoid plagiarism?

    a.     Just make sure to copy from obscure sources.
    b.     Cite sources when using copyrighted material.
    c.     Obtain permission before using copyrighted material.
    d.     Use only Government sources.
    e.     None of the above

Question: 20
A diamond shaped box in a flowchart signifies:

    a.     A start/end symbol
    b.     A decision that must be made
    c.     The flow of control
    d.     Processing steps
    e.     Input/output

Question: 21
Documents that help to get an organization hired or approved to undertake a project are known as:

    a.     Business Proposals
    b.     Business Plans
    c.     Investment Plans
    d.     Bidding Plans

Question: 22
The _______________ appears before (and, possibly, immediately after) the table of contents in a document.

    a.     White matter
    b.     White paper
    c.     Front paper
    d.     Front matter

Question: 23
What are sections used for in a Word document?

    a.     To divide the document into parts so that each part may be independently printed when the print command is given
    b.     To divide the document into parts so as to allow certain parts of the document to display data from a table
    c.     To divide the document into parts so as to allow certain parts of the document to display data from the Internet
    d.     To vary the layout of a document within a page or between pages and then allow formatting of each part the way you want

Question: 24
Does a user guide usually contain warranties and disclaimers?

    a.     Yes
    b.     No

Question: 25
A document that consists of instructions on how to use or troubleshoot a product is known as a _________?

    a.     Help guide
    b.     Troubleshooting guide
    c.     Design pamphlet
    d.     User guide

Question: 26
Choose the right option(s) to fill in the blank(s).

I find it very hard to remember ______ letters entrusted to me. I remember ______ to do so scores of times.

    a.     posting, to forget
    b.     to post, to forget
    c.     to post, forgetting
    d.     posting, forgetting

Question: 27
The details of design, make, installation, and usage of a particular product are known as:

    a.     Technical reporting
    b.     Technical specification
    c.     Technical documentation
    d.     Technical summary

Question: 28
How can you resize the width or height of a picture in a Microsoft Word document?

    a.     By dragging the sizing handles that appear at the edges of the picture
    b.     By altering the height and width values on the "Size" Tab available at the Format -> Picture menu
    c.     By right-clicking on the picture and selecting the Format Picture dialog box. Then select the Size tab and change the height and width values.
    d.     By right-clicking on the picture and choosing the "Picture Size" option

Question: 29
How would you describe a "process?"

    a.     A description of the steps that a user takes to perform a task
    b.     A description of the overall performance of a system
    c.     A description of a system or how a system operates
    d.     A series of steps taken to perform an action in a task

Question: 30
How can you select all the blank cells in your Excel worksheet?

    a.     This must be done manually as it cannot be automated through any built-in feature.
    b.     Choose Edit -> Select -> Blank under the main menu.
    c.     Choose Edit -> Go To -> Special menu option.
    d.     Choose Edit -> Go To -> Go To Special dialog box -> Blanks

Question: 31
Which of the following date formats is NOT available when entering a date into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2007?

    a.     2/3/2003
    b.     6-aug-2003
    c.     5th-aug-2003
    d.     5-8-03

Question: 32
Which of the following characters must be added before a fraction value, e.g. 1/3, to avoid entering it as a date in Microsoft Excel 2007?

    a.     F
    b.     //
    c.     0 (zero)
    d.     FR
    e.     Space

Question: 33
Which of the following examples of headings is most effective?

    a.     How Auto Parts can be Assembled
    b.     How to Assemble Auto Parts
    c.     Assembling Auto Parts
    d.     The Assembling of the Auto Parts

Question: 34
What is a "white paper?"

    a.     An authoritative and detailed report
    b.     A conclusive report
    c.     A blank page on a computer screen
    d.     A blue print of what a final document should look like

Question: 35
As a writer, what do you do when you create a macro?

    a.     You create a shortcut for performing repetitive tasks in a program.
    b.     You work on several files at the same time.
    c.     You download software from the Internet that helps organize tasks.
    d.     You break up work tasks into manageable parts.
    e.     You combine small sub-tasks into a macro-task.

Question: 36
The first thing you should do when you are starting out to write a technical report is to:

    a.     Decide what type of document you are required to write.
    b.     Decide on the items you will put in the glossary.
    c.     Write the index of the report.
    d.     Write the technical specifications of the product or service you are writing about.

Question: 37
Choose the correct sentence from the following:

    a.     Select your country from the drop lists in the country fields.
    b.     Select your country from the drop-down list in the country's field.
    c.     Select your country from the drop-down list in the country field.
    d.     Select your country from the drops-down list in the country's field.

Question: 38
You have to prepare an essay in Microsoft Word consisting of only 250 words. What is the most convenient way for you to count the total number of words in your document?

    a.     First justify the document (both left and right justified), then count the number of words on one line, and multiply them by the number of lines to get a rough count.
    b.     Select the text that you have to count and right-click the mouse. Choose the "Word count" option.
    c.     Choose the "Word count" from the Review Tab main menu.
    d.     Choose the "Paragraph statistics" option under the View menu.
    e.     Count each word one by one, since there is currently no tool available for counting the number of words.

Question: 39
A document written in the ________ tense sends the message immediately and is easier to comprehend.

    a.     past
    b.     present
    c.     past continuous
    d.     future

Question: 40
What is a "procedure?"

    a.     A list of steps that tells the user how to perform a task
    b.     A description of the technical specifications
    c.     A description of how a system operates

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