Upwork Test Answers of Wordpress 3.10 Skill Test Part 01
Question: 01
You want a schedule a backup of your site database but do you know have enough permission to access your host. which of the following choices can help you perform this task?

Answer: install " wp database backup" plug in.

Question: 02
Which of the following actions must be performed before upgrading WordPress?

Answer: a,b,and c.

Question: 03
Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress?

Answer: none of this files

Question: 04
Apossible way to install WordPress in your language is to ----------------- ?

Answer: manually install language package or translate as necessary.

Question: 05
Which of the following actions must you perform to move your site from"/WordPress" to "/blog/ WordPress" ?

Answer: update the database.

Question: 06
Owhich of the following database can WordPress be installed by default?

Answer: MySQL

Question: 07
WordPress's requirements are modest. at minimum , your server should support?

Answer: PHP version  4.3 or greater , MySQL version 4.0 or greater.

Question: 08
Can you override values for your site URLs in wp - confi.php?

Answer: yes.

Question: 09
After moving a WordPress site to a new host, if you changes your site's URL. do you have to updates your posts and pages to correct paths to your uploaded media files?

Answer: yes

Question: 10
Is it able to run more than one site / blog from a single installation of WordPress?

Answer: yes.

Question: 11
What is the first action you need to take for enabling WordPress MU feature?

Answer: add this code to wp confi.php file : define("WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE",true)

Question: 12
Which of the following actions must be performed before enabling the network feature?

Answer: deactivate your plugins.

Question: 13
Is supper cache a built in plugin of WordPress?

Answer: no.

Question: 14
After how many times did you enter an invalid password,your IP Address would be locked?

Answer: no limit.

Question: 15
Super Cache compression can cause problems if your server is ---------------?

Answer: already compressing output using mod_ deflate (on Apache) or PHP compression (zlib)

Question: 16
Can you choose your username during the installation process from which version?

Answer: 3.0

Question: 17
Can you move your wp - confi.php file to the parent directory without changing any settings?

Answer: yes, provided that you are installing WordPress in your web root directory (such as public_html). otherwise it is impossible    

Question: 18
Can you move your wp- content folder elsewhere or rename it to something else without changing any settings?

Answer: No.

Question: 19
A possible way to collect real - time statistics about traffic to a WordPress site is to :

Answer: Use a plug in

Question: 20
How can the use of html  code in comments be disabled?

Answer: by changing the theme's source code.

Question: 21
The date /time format of a WordPress site can be changed in -------?
Answer: admin setting.

Question: 22
---------- is a good way to improve the performance of a WordPress blog?
Answer: installing the "WP super cache" plug in.

Question: 23
Which of the following blog sites can be imported into WordPress?
Answer: opera

Question: 24
Which of the following actions must be performed to import data from WordPress.com?
Answer: login WordPress .com, then export data by export tool, and import a exported xml file to your site.

Question: 25
Which of the following data can you import from Blogger site?
Answer: posts , comments, and  users.

Question: 26
Can you import content from joomla or mambo site into WordPress?
Answer: yes.

Question: 27
Can you import content from static HTML files into WordPress?
Answer: yes.

Question: 28
Which of the following actions must be fixed after importing data into WordPress?
Answer: all of the above.

Question: 29
How many built in user roles does WordPress have?
Answer: 4 note: they are "administrator","editor", "author", "contributor" and "subscriber"  .

Question: 30
Can user change their avatar on profile setting panel?
Answer: no

Question: 31
Can you add an extra field to user's profiles(as birth day.birth year...)?
Answer: yes.

Question: 32
-------- can do anything in the WordPress administration area: write, edit, and delete post, pages, links, and comments; upload media files of any type; import content; manage the Dashboard ; create,edit and delete other users; enable and configure plugins and themes; change the site's theme; and manage all the available options?
Answer: administrator.

Question: 33
--------- can publish , edit ,and delete posts and pages written by any user. they can upload some kinds of files, and they can write HTML without registration . they can manage links and categories   and they can moderate comments. Editors and administrator are also the only users allowed to read private posts and pages?
Answer: editor

Question: 34
---------- can publish ,edit,and delete their own posts. they can't write pages. they can upload some kinds of media files , and they are allowed to use only the limited set of HTML tags?
Answer: author

Question: 35
----------- can write their own posts but may not publish or delete them. their HTML is limited to the set of allowed tags and they can't upload media files?
Answer: contributor

Question: 36
----------- can manage their own profiles, but can do virtually nothing else in the administrator?
Answer: area.

Question: 37
User level 0 converts to ......
Answer: subscriber

Question: 38
User level 1convert to...
Answer: contributor.

Question: 39
User level 7 convert to...
Answer: editor

Question: 40
User level 3 convert to...
Answer: author

Question: 41
User level 10 convert to...
Answer: administrator

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