Upwork Test Answers of Wordpress 3.10 Skill Test Part 02
Question: 42
Which of the following role levels has the highest privilege?
Answer: level_10

Question: 43
Does author have the ability to create a catagory?
Answer: no

Question: 44
A possible way to allow the display of several authors' names post is to -------?
Answer: use a plug i

Question: 45
Which of the following methods can be used to enable posting via email?
Answer: configuring the feature in admin settings.

Question: 46
Image size limits can be set --------?
Answer: in the admin settings.

Question: 47
A taxonomy is a -----------?
Answer: group of items.

Question: 48
In which version were custom taxonomies introduced?
Answer: 2.3

Question: 49
Which of the below function is required to create a new taxonomy?
Answer: register_taxonomy

Question: 50
Which of the following methods is required to post html code for others to read?
Answer: replacing special characters with corresponding html codes or character codes.

Question: 51
Can you set individual password for each post?
Answer: yes.

Question: 52
Who of the following person can read a post locked by password?
Answer: anyone who knows a password

Question: 53
What is the limitation to the depth of your catagories?
Answer: no limit levels

Question: 54
Can you set the same slug for two categories that have different parents?
Answer: no

Question: 55
Can a post belong to move than one categories?
Answer: yes.

Question: 56
Can you limit the number of revision WordPress stores by ----------?
Answer: a. adding the following line to your wp config.php file : define('WP _ POST_REVISION' , 3)
                b.using a plugin

Question: 57
Are categories and tags not available for pages?
Answer: yes

Question: 58
Which of following action must be performed before using Akismet Plugin?
Answer: create an account at WordPress.com

Question: 59
Which of the following tasks should be performed before installing any widget?
Answer: Verify that your WordPress theme is widget ready.

Question: 60
In order to display a widget, the user must ----------?
Answer: drag the desired widget to the side bar

Question: 61
To manually make the sidebar widget ready, the user must ---------?
Answer: Modify  the sidebar.php file

Question: 62
Which of the following methods can be used to eliminate spam?
Answer: a and b

Question: 63
Which of the following tasks must be performed to add  a avionic icon to your site?
Answer: a and b

Question: 64
How can a logo be placed on a WordPress header?
Answer: manually add the logo to the source code.

Question: 65
Which of the following theme files can be used to customize the "page not found error"
error page?
Answer: 404 . php

Question: 66
Is the functions.php file required in each theme?
Answer: no

Question: 67
Which of the following files are required for completing your theme?
Answer: index.php and style.css

Question: 68
What is the name of theme file for a page with slug 'about'?
Answer: page-about.php

Question: 69
What is the name of theme file for a page with id '3'?
Answer: page - 3 .php

Question: 70
'Slug' is higher priority in use than "id" in Template Hierarchy?
Answer: yes

Question: 71
Can you create a specific theme file for a custom content type?
Answer: yes

Question: 72
What is the right order (by priority in use ) to display page in Template Hierarchy?
Answer: page -{slug}.php, page - {id}.php, index.php

Question: 73
What is the right order (by priority in use)to display taxonomies in template Hierarchy?
Answer: taxonomy- {taxonomy}-{term}.php, taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php , taxonomy.php,archive.php, index.php

Question: 74
Where can Google  ad sense be integrated into a WordPress blog?
Answer: Anywhere

Question: 75
One way to get posts from a specific day is to ----------?
Answer: use the query_posts loop in the source code.

Question: 76
The "function_exists ()" function can be used to check whether a plug in is activated or not.
Answer: true

Question: 77
Conditional tags can be used to ---------------?
Answer: change the content to be displayed.

Question: 78
Using ---------- is a good way to ensure that a WordPress site is indexed by search engines.
Answer: sitemap 

Question: 79
Which of the following statements regarding permalinks on a WordPress site is true?
Answer: permalinks are optional but highly recommanded.

Question: 80
In which of the following ways can a redirect feature be added to a permalink ?
Answer: a and b

Question: 81
One way to make a WordPress page title more SEO friendly is to ----------?
Answer: change the title tag in header .php to something like "blog name>>>>category>>>>post name".

Question: 82
Meta tags can be added to WordPress pages by -----------?
Answer: a. using plug ins
                b. adding them to the header.php file

Question: 83
Which of the following methods can be used to make permalink SEO friendly?
Answer: configuring the feature in the admin settings.

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