In Search Engine Optimization Off Page Optimization is a very important factor which helps in achieving high search engine ranking positions. The more quality links you have for your blog or website, the higher will be your ranking position in search engines. However not all links will give you benefits. Only quality and useful backlinks will increase your Page Rank and SERP. Following are some techniques which will help you to check if the backlink you are going to get has quality or not. Ways to Check Quality in a Backlink:

Quality Backlinks

1. Relevancy

The first thing you must check is the relevancy of the link. If the blog or website from which you want to get a backlink is not related to your blog OR not relevant to your blog then the quality of that backlink will not be good. For example if your blog is about “Make Money Online” and you are trying to get a link from “Photography Blog” then link will have less quality. So always try to get relevant backlinks for your blog or website.

1000 Irrelevant Backlinks = 10 Relevant Backlinks

2. Reputation

Before getting link from any blog or website first check its reputation in search engine. Search the whole URL of the blog or website in all search engines. Check if its is banned by any search engine or not. If every thing is fine then go for it.

3. Page Rank

Although there are different school of thoughts about Page Rank. However High PR plays very important role in getting high quality backlinks. If the blog or website has PR 8 then it will not only increase your blog PR, but improve your SERP. The good technique is to get links from relevent high page rank dofollow forums, blogs and websites.

4. Domain Age

Domain age is also one of the important factor in SEO. The good domain has some SEO Factors. If it has these factors then go for it. It will provide you a quality backlink for your blog. However don’t forget the above 3 points. Check Domain Age + Page Rank + Reputation + Relevancy SEO Factors in a Domain

5. Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank also plays vital role in getting high quality backlinks from a blog or website. If it has good alexa rank then go for it. It will increase your alexa rank, because you will get hits from the blog and thus your alexa rink will improving with the passage of time.

These are some of the factors which will determine weather it is good to get a backlink from a blog or not.

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