Wikipedia is the world largest free encyclopedia. If anybody search in Google or any search engines with a very short keyword, Wikipedia always in top position. If you search almost single keywords of a dictionary, search engines always refer you Wikipedia. If you write down a country name, a popular places name, a famous persons name or any, Wikipedia always preferable by Google or any search engine. Now, Wikipedia world ranking in 6th position which rank provided by world largest web ranking organization

If we observe top 5 websites of the world which are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu. Google, Yahoo, Baidu is popular cause their technology is so high for as a search engine. Search engines always need best technical effort to to raise it and lots of people know it just like a Brand. Lots of people of the world don't know what is Search engine but they continuously Use Google for search. Technological view of Facebook and YouTube so high and their marketing policy give them good rank.

Let's discuss about Wikipedia. After birth of Wikipedia, Wikipedia always provide free service and no advertise have in their website and they also not worked for branding it in the world. Wikipedia websites technology is not comparable with Google, Yahoo, Facebook or YouTube. But How Wikipedia is one of the largest website of the world ?

This answer I share with you in my post article, Why Wikipedia ranking so high in search engines ?

Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist of the world try to follow Wikipedia as Ideal Search Engine Optimized Website. Most of the SEO experts says Google have any issue to place Wikipedia in top on their search engine. Personally, I'm not support this issue cause after research about this issue, I reached in a result that how Wikipedia always in top position and what the issue working behind their SEO technique. I show here step by step reasons of Wikipedia SEO.

1. Wikipedia Have Lots of High Quality Content. Content Quality is a big reason for give them Good position.

2. Though Wikipedia not try to branding their site, but for their high rank propose, they are automatically reached a position as a brand. So, Lots of Website prefer Wikipedia and Wikipedia Gets backlink from them. But it's not the main reason. Cause before establishing Wikipedia, it not get this facility. Their Own SEO give them placement in Search Engine.

3. Biggest Reason of SEO for Wikipedia which is the best reason to place them in High Position that is their Internal Link. Wikipedia have billion Pages and all pages have lots of links which links is their internal link. This internal link is the hottest reason for place them in best position in Search engines.

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