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We’ve discussed on-site search engine optimization in great depth – including some of the different adjustments you can make to your webpages to make them more appealing to search engines – but these techniques are only half the battle. Off-site search engine optimization techniques are just as important in getting your site ranked well in the search engines results. For the most part, off-site search engine optimization seo techniques revolve around the links that point to your site from other webpages. These links back to your site are commonly called backlinks.

The following types of backlinks offer the most benefit in terms of off-site search engine optimization:

1. Links from sites with a high Google page rank – Google’s page rank system is a website quality indicator that takes into account how popular a site is by reviewing the amount and quality of the sites that link to it. Sites with a high Google page rank are considered to be more reputable than those with low ranks, so backlinks to your site that come from high page rank sites naturally offer more of an advantage in terms of search engine optimization.

2. Links from sites with similar content – Search engines consider the source of an inbound link when determining how much weight to give it. For example, if an authority site on working from home links back to your site on making money online, the search engines perceive this as an endorsement of the quality of your content. Consequently, the search engines will give this link more weight than they would to one from a free link exchange directory.

3. Link extensions matter – Search engines tend to give more weight to backlinks that come from well established sites with .com, .edu and .gov extensions. Specifically, search engines tend to assume that the information on .gov and .edu sites is more reputable than that on less well-known .info or .us extensions. These links can be extremely difficult to get, but if you are able to get linked from one of these sites, you should see your rankings increase dramatically.

4. The number of links to your site – Of course, all things considered, a site with 600 high quality backlinks will be ranked better by the search engines than one with only six high quality inbound links. In the eyes of the search engines, this demonstrates that many different people think highly of your site – making it a better choice to send traffic to in response to user searches.

5. Link building is hardly a precise art, as there are a number of additional factors that the search engines take into account when measuring the strength of the backlinks to your site. In addition, search engine algorithms change frequently, so the factors they give weight to now could change without warning. However, it is safe to say that building up good backlinks from other quality sites is a sound strategy when it comes to search engine optimization, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

So how can you start getting links? Well there are several different methods you can choose to jumpstart your link building campaign. These include directory submissions, article submissions, press releases, forum and blog commenting, and social bookmarking.

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