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Almost all webmasters use forum posting as a tool in SEO, especially in off page optimization. Posting on forums gives do follow backlinks to your site, once the forum page is indexed on Google. On the other hand it will provide you direct targeted traffic to your blog/website. So forum posting is a must know technique to generate a brand on web. I’ll give you a list of best forums on my future posts. Let’s discuss this in details.

What is Forum posting?

Forum posting is participating on forums about a specific topics between new and experts in forum platform. Here you’ll able to discuss any related content according to that particular category thread.

As an example you can ask anything related to search engine optimization (SEO) in a thread related to SEO. And you can ask anything related to jQuery slide show in a thread related to Web Development.

How Forums give high quality backlinks?

As I told you earlier, you can get backlinks to your blog/website just by posting your content and questions on forum. But how did it happen? There is a part called “Signature” which located just below each and every post you made on a forum. What you need to do is add your link inside this signature box with the anchor text. Once you published a post inside a forum you will see do-follow backlinks just below your post with those anchor texts. But always you should keep in mind not to spam the forum; otherwise admin will kick your butt out from the forum.

Once you published that particular forum post it will be indexed in Google. Then you will get high quality backlinks from that particular forum.

How Forums give Targeted traffic?

The next question is how it brings targeted traffic to yourblog/ website. Since you placed a link on your signature box with a descriptive anchor text, the people who likes to read no your anchor text will visit your blog. Then you will get more visitors to your blog.

How Forum posting affects your Google Page Rank?

As we all know backlink is one of the major factors that determine your Google page rank. Since you can get high quality backlinks from Forums, you will be able to reach a better Google Page Rank within a short time periods. Then Google PR decides the place of your blog/website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Better the Page Rank will show your blog in a higher position of SERP.Simply this will bring tons of organic traffic to your blog via search engines.

How to select a Forum for Forum Posting?

Selection of a forum to make posts is a crucial step in forum posting. Selection of a forum is not that difficult when you consider the factors given below. First you should look for a forum which has the same niche to your content. As an example if you are writing reviews on mobile phones, you must select a forum related to technology to make your post. It makes high quality backlinks to your blog/ website once that forum page indexed on Google. If you send mobile phone reviews in a celebrity video forum, it will not help you to get high quality backlinks.

Then you look for a forum with considerable amount of traffic to make your forum posts. More visitors can bring more sales on your site.

Onthe other hand you must post your links on a forum which has higher PR. Higher PR will provide you high quality backlinks.

What to consider when making a forum post?

Making a forum post is not a difficult task. Either you can start a new thread or you can reply to an existing thread. Replying to existing thread is not that difficult. But making a new thread is very important in forum posting. The new thread you are going to make should make sense to both you and the other forum members.  Otherwise your post will be penalized by other members. Always post the content which is useful to both you and the others.

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