Country Codes, Area codes, And Dialing Codes

We have provided here a common and latest Geo data codes for all recognized, countries, states with limited recognized countries, dependent territories, special areas of internal sovereignty, containing all localities, and administrative divisions only for your references for the selected countries, neighborhoods, and suburbs. All data are Geo-referenced available in a non-accented ASCII versions.

Geo Data Codes coverage:

Recognized states= 54
Partially recognized and unrecognized states= 02
Dependent territories= 03
incorporated parts of a primarily non-African state= 08
Total: 67 areas

Recognized states= 49
Partially recognized and unrecognized states= 05
Dependent territories and other territories= 06
Total: 60 areas

Recognized states= 50
States with limited recognition= 06
Dependent territories= 06
Special areas of internal sovereignty= 02
Total: 64 areas

North America
Sovereign states= 23
Dependent territories= 11
Other areas= 14
Total: 48 areas

United Nations member states= 14
States not members of the United Nations= 02
Other territories= 28
Total: 44 areas

South America
Sovereign states= 12
Dependent territories= 02
Integral territories of states outside of South America= 01
Total: 15 areas

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