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One thing that is mentioned throughout my previous post is speed. In the next article we will be looking at options to speed up the loading time of your pages in general it starts with the template of your web site.

Website homepage can often be viewed as being similar to the front of your house. Front page of your website is very much important. Your website home page needs to be simple and easy to use. SEO webmasters believe that to gain online visibility and traffic So your website Front page needs to make  good.

Website  Front page and another page loading time matters a lot if you want to optimize your site for search engines. A great looking template might just be what you need for your web site and, if it fits your audience, you want to use it

It might just be that this template is not fast because of errors in the HTML or CSS files, or because it uses a lot of images that are incorporated into the template. You need to check the files in the image directory of the template and see what elements are used the most. Using an image optimization tool could help reduce the overall loading time if you can reduce the size of the complete template by several KB (Kilobytes). In a search engine optimized template, you should look for the following items that we talked about in the Jfhena’s SEO category. Front Page search engine optimization is crucial to organically move up in the rankings. I am using the Simply SEO Theme on my site.

It cannot be stressed enough that the theme of your site needs to fit the visitor groups you are targeting. Having a large template is not that much of a problem for design nuts, as they tend to have fast Internet access. But for Search Engine Optimization you should rethink the strategy, as Search Engine Robots are not into design but into speed.

It’s important that you take the task of writing for your website homepage very seriously. Search engines need to find text that they can read on your front page. So make sure that your front page contains a few of the better keywords and phrases that you’d like to be found for and we believe that maintaining a website in the front pages of search engines is as important. Website Speed Tester may help you to check the speed of your template or website.

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