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Most of the bloggers and content writers are speaking about keywords which comes under the category of SEO Strategy. But most of the people don’t have a correct idea on these keywords, keyword research and keyword placement. Most think just adding keywords to a post will bring their website to the top of the search engine. But it is not true; you should have a crystal clear idea on keyword marketing to get the complete benefits from keywords.

In this post I am going to discuss the basics of keyword marketing and placement. Advanced studies are required to see the behavior of the keywords, you have selected for your blog. To be frank most of the effectiveness of keywords depends on the selection and distribution of keywords. But algorithms of the search engines are playing a vital role for keyword marketing in current context of blogging. Anyway, here we go;

What are keywords?

Keywords are simple words that people are searching on search engines to find the content which they are looking for. These words are differing from other words because the people are searching for these words on search engines than the other words.

Why keywords, not any other method?

Just think you are going to make blog on laptop reviews. Then think a moment how do people know your website is available on web to read laptop reviews. What you are going to bring it to the public. Are you going to visit each and every house and tell there is a website? No, it is not possible. Can you put some TV ads, yes you can, but it cost a lot of hard earned money. But it is only noticed by the people in your country. So here is the where keywords are coming in to play.

How do you know this is a key word, this is not?

This is the most important thing on keyword marketing. If you did this wrong you will never get high rank on Google or any other search engine. That simply means you will never get a significant traffic from major search engine. Your blog will become a desert with no visitors. Trust me the selection of word as keywords is very very important. This is the place where Google key word tool comes in to action. Don’t worry it is absolutely free.

Just log in to Google key word tool and get some idea. Then just continue the reading. I think you have noticed few words namely “competition”, “Global Monthly search” and etc. The two words that I have mentioned above are the most important of all the words. Now you should search a word that you think as a keyword.  It will show you the competition and global monthly searches for that particular keyword.

Most new bloggers think they should select highly competitive keyword to market, but this is absolutely wrong. Almost all the high competitive keywords are already taken by giants on online marketing. It is wasting your time to try for highly competitive keywords. What you want to select is medium competitive keywords with higher number of Global monthly searches. Trust me it worked for me. All I am using are medium competitive keywords. Now you know how select keywords according to your web content. Next important thing is where to place those keywords.

Where to place keywords

Most people think filling a text or META tags with tons of keywords working on search engines, but it is a wrong idea. Google hates that type of websites. Google is always looking for websites that address people rather than the search engines. So they penalize website only with keywords.

The best places for keywords are title of the post, first 100 characters of the post and the META tags. But make sure not to jam your title with keywords. And you must distribute your keywords evenly throughout the article. But always remember not to overcrowd your article with keywords.

Well this is all I did with those keywords. Now the rest is up to you. What is that “rest”? That is, now you should search your keywords and place them on appropriate positions of your blog. I’m pretty sure that you will get what I got so far within few months. Oh I forget to tell you this is not an instant way to make a huge traffic to your blog within a week or two. It takes time, at least about 3-6 month. So you need dedication and sustained motivation to achieve your target.

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