Writing A Best Successful Cover Letter

Applying for jobs is not always a quick and easy process. Some hiring managers only look at Cover Letter before hiring their task on Upwork. But, If you follow some tips before writing your cover letter, I think, you can win it easily. The aspects of writing a best successful cover letter are as:

Goal of a cover letter is to convince a client that:

  • You fully comprehend the task;
  • You can cope with the task;
  • It is easy to operate with you;
  • There is no contingency.

How to start a cover letter:

  • "Dear Mr. Steve,"
  • "Dear Brown Steve,"
  • "Mr. Steve,";
  • "Dear Hiring Manager,".
  • "Hello Sir,"
  • "Hi"
  • "Dear employer"

Cover letter should include:

  • Skills you have that make you the right person for this position based on your working experience;
    • "I have good experience in data entry, web research, Google documents and MS Office. My typing speed is more than 50 words per minute.";
    • "I successfully perform administrative duties including copying and faxing documents, answering telephones, transferring data, web research and reports to immediate supervisor".
    • "I have recently worked for a Canadian ABC Company as a senior team leader, my duties were to develop front-end and back-end using PHP and MySQL."
  • Read all attachments is they are in the job description and ask your questions or show that you understand them;
    • "I read and have some questions about doc your attached, I would glad to ask them and share my ideas."
  • Demonstrate your curiosity;
    • I'm interested in the position of Blogger Writer. I have been a writer for two years, and know well Blogger and WordPress."
    • "Over the writing aspect. I am scrupulous and passionate. All results are shipped before due date with a high quality."
    • "I'm a iOS developer, and very interested in this job."
  • Indicate that you already done similar projects/tasks;
    • "You may find out more about 2 similar previously successfully completed projects by this link <link>";
    • "I used UML to develop two similar projects which exchange XML packages to speed up video broadcasting";
    • "I have attached SEO portfolio of websites on which I had worked in past. Please find the attachment."
  • Show that you've an excellent comprehending the problems from the client;
    • "Your solution with EXE files is very interesting, but I have idea how it can be dramatically improved by using SOAP"
    • "I am guessing this content is for any website that's selling an item, is finding a method to attract them."
    • "If you use me I'll not just talk about the products. however I may also explain why they're worth purchasing. It'll set you aside from the rest of the websites that simply regurgitate product specifications."
  • If job description includes specific questions - answer them;
    • "Per your request, here are two links on UX diagrams, I've designed for both web and desktop applications."
  • Add your availability for the position;
    • "I can work 20 hours/week on your project, my working schedule can be discussed."
    • "I am available at any time during the week but my preferable hours would be Mon, Wed, and Fri from 8:30 am - 11:30 am."
    • "I can dedicate 28hr per week for this job, we can negotiate working schedule."
  • Show a readiness to complete a test job;
    • "I am ready to do test job if you wish.";
  • Specify on what payment condition you are ready to work.
    • "My rating is 30$, but I am ready to loosen the rate, because I have few feedbacks. Getting feedback is more important for me rather than money. Let start with 22$/hr."

Good phrases before closing the cover letter:

  • "Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.";
  • "I look forward to hearing from you."
  • "Looking forward to work with you."
  • "Please feel free to contact me for any questions."
  • "Waiting for you kind response"
  • "If you have any questions please let me know"
  • "Looking forward to get started"

How finish a cover letter:

  • <your name>;
  • "Thank you, <your name>";
  • "Best regards, <your name>";
  • "Regards, <your name>";
  • "Best wishes, <your name>";
  • "Have a nice day!";
  • "Thank you for opportunity".

Do not:

  • Do not provide Skype, email or any other contact details (this is against Upwork policy);
  • Do not copy/paste previous cover letters or templates.

Before submitting cover letter:

  • Check grammar and spelling;
  • Check all links included into the cover letter.

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