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Sample Job Description:

We are looking for a developer(s) to build a PHP library, which should meet our technical requirements for image processing.

Read attached doc for an understanding of the full scope.

The scope as described in that doc continues to be under change a little, which suggests that characteristics are frequently added.

You have to create a modular system where it is easy for dev team to operate about this, concurrently even.

First release should include:
1) Object model - should be based over the existing image processing DLL (full spec is in attach). Track each request including date/time stamp into DB.

2) Integrate a custom quick access storage, which is based on existing PNG/JPG specs. The library would do its own read/write processes in local DB before sending requests.

3) Conflicts resolving - the library should keep track of incoming requests. Check incoming parameters if this request is in a process already then ignore the incoming one.

4) Simultaneously processing - will use external EXE modules which are launched and controlled by this library. EXE processes must be killed automatically when they finish they job.

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I am TyaJin from Thailand (UTC+8).

Please see my comments based on your requirements:
1) Object model:
- I used UML to develop two similar projects, which exchange XML packages to speed up video broadcasting.

2) Local storage:
- I worked with eAccelerator and familiar with APC. When I was a student, I implemented my own local super-fast simple DB on Java for the University site.

3) Conflicts resolving:
- I fully understand the requirement. I know how to resolve such collisions on desktop applications, but need more info to figure out how it should work on PHP

4) Simultaneously processing:
- Your solution with EXE files is very interesting, but I have idea how it can be dramatically improved by using system messages technology.

I read and have some questions about your attaches, I would glad to ask them and share my ideas.

Short introduction:
I am very interested in this project because I like PHP coding and working with algorithms, but I am not a database architect/designer.

My profile includes some examples, but not much, because last serious works were done under NDA (it was almost 8 projects).

I worked as system architect in last two projects where I was responsible to design an object model for a development of team.

I do PHP programming more than 5years and within this period I had been working as slave coder, senior developer, team leader and system architect. So, I know all aspect of project development and have great communication skills.

I have experience with the following similar image processing libraries: Google API, GD (great experience), Imagine, Php Graphics Work (less known)

Of course, this work will require strong experience in writing unit test. I would recommend PHPUnit.

If this project will be developed by a team I may suggest to use the following very useful task management systems: Trello, Fogbugz (not free), Bugzilla and Jira.

I worked with all most popular repository systems like: SVN, CVS, BitBucket and GitHub.

My rate:
My rating is 30$, but I am ready to loosen it, because there is only feedback in my profile. Getting feedback is more important for me rather than money. Let start 22$/hr.

Some tasks may require additional research, which will not be included into payment time.

I am ready to do test job if you wish.

I can share the project progress as often as you wish.

Best regards, TyaJin

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