Skills Required: Admin Support, Web Research, Web Research, Data Entry

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Sample Job Description:

I run a website that contains a directory of summer camps in a certain niche. The summer camps are listed by region and each entry contains basic information about their offerings (e.g., price, location, website, Facebook page, etc) in addition to short written overviews of the their programs. Good English writing ability is important for the descriptions.

You will need to conduct internet research to identify each of the relevant camps in a particular region. The first area to be completed is the east coast of the U.S., where you will be looking on a state by state basis. Next up is the U.S. West Coast, and then we will move on to international locations.

I expect there are at least a couple of hundred camps to be added in the U.S., your job is to identify them and enter the relevant data about them into our web based form. The form is very streamlined so once you have identified the camp, the entry itself should be straightforward.

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I did quick search and found 350 camps in USA with web sites and description. Some of them provide full info you require, but some not - in this case I can do additional research using social networks to get missing data.

According the internet there are over than 10,000 summer camps in USA.

I would add the following fields into your list like:
- boys only, girls only, both
- activities
- type of camp: religious, arts, educational, language, computer, health and so on
- images
- reviews/ feedback, rating

I like doing research, analyze materials and clean up documents. I am very accurate and like details.

I can work all days every day, be online and be in touch. No problem with timezones - let me know what time is preferable for you.

I am working on Upwork for $4/hr, let me know if this is acceptable for you.

Thank you for opportunity and I would glad to work on this project for you

Good bye!!!

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